Revealing too much confidential information of the game, male gamers have to pay a heavy price

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Epic Games usually like to make gamers Fortnite surprised with the changes to the world map. However, it is difficult to keep a secret for a big game like Fortnite, information related to the game is constantly being leaked by dataminers – people who specialize in digging through the data in the game to find out the information that the developer has. unpublished developers, and maybe even from the game’s testers. Fortnite Chapter 2 spoilers are rife online and Epic decided to take legal action against the person who sabotaged his “baby”.​


The person being sued this time is Lucas Johnston, one of Fortnite’s QA testers, a former employee of Keywords Studios, who learned that Johnston took a screenshot of new content in the big Fortnite update and caused it to be leaked. This gamer said he only sent the photo to his own email and did not know why it appeared online. An investigation revealed that Johnston was related to the same person who posted the screenshot online, of course he was later fired by Keywords Studios.

For breaching the Non-Disclosure Agreement and for leaking this information, Johnston could face a lawsuit demanding up to $85,000 in compensation from Epic. It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time Epic has sued someone for leaking Fortnite information. Last year, another QA tester revealed that Fortnite’s meteorite will destroy Dusty Depot, of course this person also had to compensate for breaking the agreement with Epic, it’s just that we don’t know how much this amount is. how much


It seems that despite the downfall, QA testers still violate the non-disclosure agreement, despite the danger and the huge amount of money they may have to pay if things go wrong. Obviously, this has made game developers, such as Epic, feel uncomfortable and ready to use the law to claim damages as well as deter those who have similar intentions.

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