When Iron Man Becomes… Doctor Strange

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If you are a fan of Western comics, you must be familiar with the theory of the multiverse. For example, in one world, Wolverine was born as a normal human but only became a mutant after being experimented by the Canadian government.. or in another world, all superheroes and villains became become Zombie.. That’s why there are countless strange stories that take place in a certain world out there that no one can imagine.. For example, the story Iron Man become PScary Supreme.


The story begins with Earth-9810.. when Tony Stark and Stephen Strange met at a party. As people of social status, they soon became friends and Tony Stark offered to bring Stephen Strange back in his supercar. However, while on the road, the car suddenly lost control, causing both of them to have an accident. Although Tony was unharmed, Stephen Strange suffered severe damage to his hand .. making it useless forever. Feeling guilty about his actions, Tony took his friend to Tibet to seek treatment. It was here that Tony had to go through a lot of different events like himself Doctor Strange at Earth-606 face.


However, determined to heal his friend’s hands, Tony still did everything in his power.. until he began to master magic and saved the Ancient One from his curse with his own hands. Baron Mordo – an evil version of Karl Mordo that we know. By proving his talent and will, Tony Stark is made the Sorcerer Supreme with the task of protecting the Earth from the threat of the Dark Dimension.

That was also the time when Dormammu – the ruler of that dimension, began to invade Earth. Tony Stark, with a plan to hit Dormammu’s kingdom and destroy his enemies, has built his own armor that can take advantage of magical powers and confront evil. However, when passing through many gates to stand in front of Dormammu, Tony was suddenly stripped of his powerful armor and stepped out from behind him was a Stephen Strange with a healthy arm. In a panic, Tony realized that he had been betrayed by Stephen Strange for so long, in exchange for having a pair of intact hands.


The story continues until a while after Stephen Strange seems to have returned to a normal life while Tony is imprisoned by Dormammu. However, Dormammu’s daughter Clea suddenly appeared beside the traitor, revealing that Stephen Strange had made a huge mistake. With the opening of the portal to the Earth, Dormammu opened the way for the Mindless Ones to descend here. Originally a force of insane and almost unstoppable power, the Mindless Ones were once magically stopped by Dormammu in their dimension. But now that he has succeeded in pushing them down to Earth, Dormammu has freed up his hands in recovering the lost magic. Realizing what he’s done, Stephen Strange decides to rescue his imprisoned friend..

Thanks to Clea distracting Dormammu, Stephen Strange stole the armor and returned it to Tony Stark. Not only did he not hold a grudge against his old friend, Tony also revealed that the snake was used by Dormammu to heal Stephen Strange, although very effective, but at the same time it also sucked the life force in his body. With the armor in hand, Tony Stark easily challenged Dormammu and used his own invention to teleport this demon through countless different universes. Realizing he is completely defeated, Dormammu escapes and Tony succeeds in protecting the Earth. Stephen Strange then stayed in the dark dimension and became the new ruler here, concluding the most interesting story ever. Marvel ever told..

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