Shadow Fight 3 reached 19 million Downloads, becoming the biggest Mobile Game of 2017

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No Mortal Kombat X nice Injustice 2, Shadow Fight is the name that affirms its unique position in the line fighting games on mobile. Simply because this is not a sub-series that has been ported from PC/Console to Mobile. This is a series of games designed specifically for Smartphones and Tablets, taking advantage of all the strengths of the touch screen to deliver wild killing attacks to gamers.


Now on Shadow Fight 3 continues to affirm that overwhelming strength with a great graphics background with top-notch fighting gameplay.. ready for the race to win the title of Mobile 2017 super product. Not yet as soon as it was released, Shadow Fight 3 had a perfect momentum when reaching a record number of downloads.


Accordingly, this game has officially had 19 million downloads in just 1 month of release. Launched around mid-November, Shadow Fight 3 immediately rose to No. 1 in the download rankings on iPad in 121 countries iPad, on iPhone in 49 countries and on Android in 36 countries. That’s why the growing number of 19 million downloads doesn’t seem to be “meaning” with this super fighting product.


As said Shadow Fight 3 Impressive with an intensive gameplay, allowing gamers to perform diverse and complex combos.. different from the games ported from the PC. Not only that, the game also wears a high-end graphics background with countless modern 3D effects, ensuring to own the best images today on Mobile.


If you accidentally skip it Shadow Fight 3 and have not contributed to the number of 19 million downloads, this is your chance to correct your mistakes when downloading the game for free directly here:

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