Final Fantasy XV : Noctis meets Luna again in Royal Edition

FFXV Royal Edition 0 - Emergenceingame

Final Fantasy XV has always been considered one of the strangest games known, between the entire series in particular and even the gaming village in general. One of the points that makes that strange, is that the developers are still constantly taking care of it, adding more content, updating or changing some details, after more than 1 and a half years from the date of release. debut. That work continues, until today, when a whole new part of the game’s story will be added with Royal Edition.


According to previous announcements, we already know that the Royal Edition will add new Bosses to Chapter 14, which will take place in Insomnia, the hometown of Noctis. However, what we don’t know is that, Hajime Tabata and his co-workers also added new cutscenes, Lunawith all the huge and beautiful summoned creatures.


Thanks to the leak, we will not need to wait until the Royal Edition is released, but can preview all of this content through the video below.

At the beginning of the video, we will see the battle with the new Boss Ceberus and the cutscene shortly after (min 5:39). In this video, Lunafreya will once again appear, along with all the summoned creatures, to clear the way for the true King. Next, the player will also have to confront 3 new Bosses named “Rulers of Yore”. These are 3 kings from ancient times, summoned and brainwashed by Ardyn, forcing them to attack Noctis and his comrades. Each king belongs to a separate class, and will surely cause many difficulties for gamers.

After the Royal Edition, the executive producer of Final Fantasy XV is Hajime Tabata and promises to continue to develop at least 4 more DLC versions for the game until the end of 2019.

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