When Future Batman Returns To Kill Past Batman

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With DC fans, Batmann has a very deep and dangerous calculating mind. There the Dark Knight lays out all plans to protect the world’s safety and eradicate the criminals. However, few people know Batman willing to go back in time to kill himself… Batman.

The story begins with Batman of Tomorrow – The Dark Knight of the Future .. rushed through the glass door of the mansion where Bruce Wayne – Batman of the Present was sitting peacefully on the sofa. Unexpectedly, Bruce Wayne is immediately cornered by Batman of Tomorrow with the sole goal of killing and killing. With Batman of Tomorrow, a few lives are nothing to save the world of tomorrow.


With superior strength and combat skills, Batman of Tomorrow gives Bruce Wayne a taste of blood on his lips before slamming his opponent into the wall. But Bruce Wayne is still Batman, and even when confronted, he doesn’t flinch. Wiping off the blood that had trickled down his face, Bruce Wayne stood up with his eyes blazing like all the pain a few seconds ago had been nothing. Standing in front of the enemy also wearing a Batman shirt, he spoke.


Yes, we did not mishear. Bruce Wayne called Batman standing in front of his eyes Tim.. Or more precisely, Tim Drake – the third Robin, the “son” who swore never to put on Batman’s cape. To find out why Tim Drake – now also Batman, wants to go back in time to kill Bruce Wayne, we will have to journey back to the years when he was still in the ranks of the Teen Titans.

The story begins with the Teen Titans’ mission to the future to fight the Fatal Five-Hundred – a force consisting of criminals with supernatural powers.. But after completing the mission, they accidentally get lost. 10 years after the present time. There the Teen Titans uncover a horrifying mystery that will change the lives of these young superheroes forever. Here they see their future selves now ruling the world with the power of chains. They created a totalitarian fascist regime, making themselves the villains of the future world. The people lived in fear and the air they breathed was only the color of death.


Witnessing that scene, Tim Drake and the members of the Teen Titans knew they couldn’t let that dark future happen. Despite the pain, they still had to decide to disband the Teen Titans, ending the fate of one of the most heroic squads in the world. Few people know that the eradication of the Teen Titans has created another timeline where our superheroes will become the very person they once hated. It is also in this timeline that Tim Drake sees his adoptive father Bruce Wayne die during the Crisis event, leaving the Batman shirt with no successor.

Although Dick Grayson soon became Gotham’s next Batman, he decided to retire from his life of action to build his own home. Knowing that only Jason Todd was qualified to succeed, Tim sought out his “brother”. But in the end he discovers Jason is now just a soul after the battle with the League of Assassins. The last choice is now only Damian Wayne – Bruce Wayne’s son. But knowing that he could not become a true Batman like his father, Damian decided to sell his soul to the devil.. in exchange for supernatural powers to protect Gotham.


Witnessing that humiliating scene, Tim Drake returned to Gotham and ended the last blood of the Wayne family.. thereby giving Gotham the Batman image it deserved. Dressed in a black cloak, Tim Drake has a completely different purpose than his adoptive father. He uses a gun as his main weapon, the gun that killed Thomas and Martha Wayne. He was ready to take his life if necessary, and anyone who dared to threaten the existence of the world would die under his gun. Batman has now become a killing machine, carrying out a plan to purify the Earth in a cold-blooded and calculated way.

That goal also seems to be the driving force that pushes Tim Drake to face his young self when the Teen Titans travel from the past to here. Despite carrying far superior strength, but Tim Drake was soon defeated, in no small part thanks to Batwoman – the leader of Titan East against the ruling forces. However, the fate of Batman of Tomorrow soon fell into the night when no one knew if he was alive or dead.. However, conjecture that was a mistake because now the person standing in front of Bruce Wayne is a Tim Drake by flesh and blood, a Batman of Tomorrow returned from the dead, who if he wants to achieve his plan he will have to kill. Batman of Today. That’s why he raised his gun and shot straight at the father who once bore him.

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