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The young man who “jumped” the customer’s account was warned by the net owner to give him 5 good fingers

The tricks to hack money, hack accounts, play time at the moment are no longer a rare thing in the net shop However, it is still a problem that causes headaches for restaurant owners. The consequence of it is that many stores lose revenue, and especially lose credibility with customers. Unfortunately, society still has too many unconscious players, who only like their own self-interest without being aware of the consequences of what they are doing.

When faced with situations like these, it may be difficult for our owners to stay calm and have different ways of handling it. And recently, the gaming community had the opportunity to stir again before the clip of a young man arrested at the match for hacking the account of net players at a net shop in Bac Ninh. Before this incident, net shop owner did not keep calm because he thought that this object’s behavior directly affected the honor and reputation of the shop.

The incident was livestreamed by the owner of the restaurant on his personal Facebook page

Watching the clip, it can be seen that the owner of the shop is quite “aggressive” when using force (slap in the face) to force young people to read the parent’s phone number to contact the family to bring the ransom. However, the guy who hacked the net was still quite stubborn and stubborn, so it made the owner even more angry. The mother, after being contacted, was not too eager to “save the net” for her son because it seems that this incident is not the first time.​

This is also considered an expensive lesson for any gamer who intends to play nefarious games, surely the punishment will not only stop gently like this, but sometimes pay a very expensive price. . Through this, I can also partly understand the suffering of those who net businesswhich has encountered many difficulties, also have to have a headache often with evils like this.

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