Yugi H5 – Adding a new character makes the poker community wobble

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In this April, besides a series of exciting events, Yugih5’s players will welcome a very HOT character – DINOSAUR RYUZAKI.


Ryuzaki is a familiar character in the famous manga series Game King. He is commonly known by the nickname Dinosaur due to his frequent use of Dinosaur cards in competition. Ryuzaki was runner-up at the Japanese National Duel Monsters Championship and has also participated in tournaments such as Duelist Kingdom and Battle City.

Dinosaur Reincarnation – Destruction Meta is about to return
In this character update, Yugih5’s deck will have quite a few extremely HOT cards from the Dinosaur deck. Extremely powerful attack, easy summoning and extremely muddy when on the field are adjectives that can describe this Dinosaur deck. Let’s take a look at some of the unique cards of this deck.​


After the Wind God – Windrose of the Wind system, the Fire-type version of the Fire God – Pyrorex is equally powerful with the effect of destroying 1 monster on the opponent’s field when entering the battle and dealing damage to life point equal to half of the monster’s attack. destroyed.​


This is the card that makes the Dinosaur Meta hegemony. Not afraid of trap cards, spell cards, just destroyed and sent to the Graveyard, it will summon the strongest monster of the Dinosaur race from the deck. In addition to using it to test your opponent’s trap, you can destroy this card yourself by using “Accidental Kill” or “Magician” to activate the effect. Isn’t it great?


Xuyen Khong is an excellent summon/revival card for the Dinosaur race. This is a card that no other deck has the same ability. As long as there is a monster in the Graveyard, even if you are stuck with a large star level monster in your hand, it will solve the problem, free 1 strong monster to the field from the monsters lying in the Graveyard.​


Dropping a 1 Trap Card messes up all current meta, and it’s even more annoying if it’s a waiting Meta that waits for a combo. This can be considered an upgraded version of the Sword of Light card. Dropping will help the meta that waits for the combo to be much weaker.

Battle City season 2 – more intense with new characters and meta cards


Battle City has entered the stage of Round 2, in order to find 8 excellent names to compete in the quarterfinals. In the group stage, Bakura and the Devil deck created many unique attacks, many of the players had top-notch strategies with this meta to beat the previous hegemonic tactics. And this time, with the appearance of Ryuzaki and the Dinosaur deck, will the player be able to come up with a new strategy, can the Dinosaur meta defeat the previous great metas?

A series of HOT activities not to be missed
Not only the appearance of a new meta, on April 13, Yugih5 will have a series of very special updates for players:​

  • Ishizu and Mai Expansion Pack: Expanding the Ishizu and Mai card pack, new upgrade – many unique changes.​

  • New Fashion: The Twin Angel wears a new shirt.​

  • Event Packs Expanding Characters & Totals.​

  • Shop 40 cards: Buy to win, open to get full cards.​

  • Card Backs: Updated some new card backs.​

Besides the above outstanding updates, Monthly Card Event, Accumulation Loading, Sealing Box… will also have many interesting changes for players to experience.

Don’t forget to visit Yugih5 to keep up to date with the latest events and discover the character Ryuzaki and the Dinosaur deck!
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