CSGO: The French army led by NBK is ready to rebel


The story of NBK-, one of the mainstays of CS:GO France, and the name Kingmaker. Will he regain his throne?

In CS:GO history, Nathan “NBK-” Schmitt has always been the most important player in the French CS:GO region. He was given the nickname “Kingmaker” by Duncan “Thorin” Shields. Kingmaker has created some of the most successful rosters in French CS:GO history. He has helped create and play for most of the successful CS:GO teams. However, in 2018, Richard “Shox” Papillon made a coup and became the most vocal player in the French arena, taking G2 and kennyS for himself. Left behind, NBK- is now forced to form a new French resistance team and the resistance is about to begin.

NBK 1 - Emergenceingame


To better understand this, we need to first understand NBK- and his place in French CS:GO history. Starting as a player, in terms of shooting skills, he can become a star in the international arena. But NBK foresaw and understood that France no longer needed a superstar. There are many good shooters, including Shox, KennyS, and ScreaM. What they need is a fill player.

Fill player is a term taken from the Dota side. It means the player is ready to take on the rest of the roles in the team. In Dota, there are 5 different roles: Carry, Mid, Offlane, support position 4, support position 5. Fill player in ranked match is the one who lets the rest of the team play in their preferred position, the other player. the body is in the remaining position.

The role of NBK-

Speaking of NBK, he can play anywhere on the map, depending on what the team needs. You can play entry, side AWP, lurk, support, anchor or any combination of the above. If he needed to become the second star of the team, he would try. This is an extremely difficult role to play and in the history of this game, very few names can fill this role to a level like NBK.

In the French CS:GO community, no one can play this role as well as NBK-. That is because among the French players, he is the one who connects with the successful French teams in the world. That’s why he is considered the Kingmaker. The French teams need him to take on roles essential to success. In the history of French CS:GO, NBK- was only twice absent from the strongest French team in the world.

One was in 2016, when EnVyUs was falling and G2’s Shox/ScreaM lineup was on the rise. Two is at the present time. In 2016, NBK- didn’t stay out too long: he teamed up with Shox to create a superstar lineup in 2017. For now, however, NBK- is just an outsider.

NBK 2 - Emergenceingame
Shox vs NBK


After becoming G2’s IGL, Shox realized the role wasn’t for him. In addition, the superstar lineup did not achieve the results he wanted. The team wants to let NBK- take on this role. That created a big turning point in the team, leading to the G2 roster at that time: Shox, KennyS, Ex6TenZ, SmithZz, bodyy (Ex6TenZ and SmithZz were just replaced by 2 players from 3DMAX).

NBK- and apEX were then subbed. The two spread different rumors. NBK tries to join G2, but Shox is not interested. ApeX could join Mouz, but Mouz disagreed. For NBK, this is the second time he has not been in the best French team. But unlike last time, this time he had no intention of coming back. After searching for potential options, NBK had no choice but to create a new French team and create its own rebel army.

NBK 3 - Emergenceingame
NBK and apEX

New army

NBK- and apEX put aside the disagreements they had before to form an alliance. After that, the two decided to team up with two other French players: Vincent “Happy” Cervoni and Cedric “RpK” Guipouy. Happy was an IGL that helped France win two Majors. However, his good days have passed. During 2017, Happy led the second strongest French team, but couldn’t get the team far and eventually disbanded completely. As for RpK, he used to be the best player of EnVyUs.

The two sides work together to overthrow the Shox empire. NBK- will be the IGL of the new team. With apEX, RpK, and Happy, the team has a lot of experience, but lacks real mutants. Obviously apEX and RpK can carry the team anytime, anywhere, but both have not played stably in the top arena. For the resistance to succeed, the team needs a carry player. Someone with explosive potential in the international arena.

The last puzzle piece

In the history of French CS:GO, there are several names that fit. Happy, Shox and kennyS. Happy hasn’t been that kind of player for the past four years and his chances of reaching that level are almost gone, as teams have adapted to his lurk playstyle. Shox and kennyS are in G2’s project so they can’t be used. In this case, the team decided to bet on the new name, Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut. He is a talented young AWPer and is considered a successful piece for the French squad. In order for this team to make a breakthrough, ZywOo was forced to turn into the star of the team, who performed well in the international arena.

NBK 4 - Emergenceingame
ZywOo joins Vitality

This resistance army resembles Shox’s rebel army against NBK in 2016. In 2015, Shox was kicked out of EnVyUs and forced to form a second French team. He then took the IGL position from Ex6TenZ. His current lineup at that time included: Shox, ScreaM, RpK, bodyy, and SmithZz.

Shox became a superstar, allowing ScreaM to become a second star, using seasoned players in its system, and helping bodyy grow and be able to play in the positions they needed. This move paid off, and G2 overtook EnVyUs in 2016.


In the case of NBK-, he will have his own challenges. He had to take on the IGL and stick to that role. He had tried this many times in the past, but after a trial period he always had to give the IGL to someone else. To be successful, NBK must be the stable IGL of the team. As Shox had done before, he had to create a system for seasoned players. NBK- needs to make ZywOo the star everyone expected.

NBK - Emergenceingame

NBK- is the player that is considered to be the best in the world. In the past, he was always on the strongest team in the world by creating new lineups. However, this time, he lost the transfer race. He was kicked out of G2 and had to write a new history on his own. Instead of becoming the Kingmaker, NBK- will now lead the resistance army and regain the lost throne.

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