CSGO: Flusha leaves Fnatic after new team rumors

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CSGO player Robin “flusha” Rönnquist has left the Fnatic roster, according to the organization.

Fnatic announced that this rifler had been removed from the competition list on the organization’s website along with the announcement Tweet. Not long after, flusha confirmed the news and said that she had decided to leave the team to look for other options in CSGO.

Flusha originally joined the Swedish team in 2013 and was instrumental in the team’s three CSGO Major championships. Despite their merits, the relationship between flusha and Fnatic has not been close for many years. Fnatic has flusha as well as swapped him for another player three times – he has played for various organizations during that time. The CSGO player played for GODSENT for almost a year in 2016 and spent 10 months with the North American organization, Cloud9, from 2018 to 2019.

Flusha contacted former Cloud9 teammate autimatic to form a new team

Flusha had an impressive run in 2020, helping Fnatic win the ESL Pro League Season 11 in March. Even though the team struggled after that success, flusha performed well, including a tense BO3 match against Astralia – flusha achieved a rating of the whole series at 1.42.

As for her future, flusha refused to share anything more. During a stream shortly after, flusha joked about the decision when asked why she decided to leave this popular esports organization:

“Why did I leave fnatic? Because I want to be IGL for the rest of my career,” flusha joked.

The news of flusha leaving Fnatic stemmed from the flusha rumor, former Cloud9 member autimatic and ENCE player suNny were contacted by various organizations to create a new CSGO roster, with three of them as key members. This news has not been confirmed and plans may change, but the possibility of a new lineup is real.

Fnatic plans to bring in Jack “Jackinho” Ström Mattso in place of flusha in their CSGO roster. Jackinho used to play for Prima Esports and nerdRage as the main AWPer position.

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