What is AoE Ranking? where to download?

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Many of you are probably wondering what AOE Ranking is? Is it the same as the old version? How to play and where to download? And in this article, Taimienphi will answer all your questions about the new rating system of GTV Plus.

As we all know, AoE stands for the Empire game that appeared a long time ago, a real-time strategy game that takes you to a focused sequence of historical events, stretching back to the Stone Age. Stone to the Iron Age, explore the formation and expansion of civilizations.

What is the ranking here?

The battle to climb the rank of the masters in AoE Ranking

What is AoE Ranking?

AoE Ranking Empire Edition is a remake by top GameTV engineers based on the original AoE version. Of course, the graphics, sound or other basic settings of AoE remain the same, only the Rank calculation system is added. AoE Ranking has a very special feature, they allow you to play ranked mode through the Ranking Mode setting at the bottom of the Setting screen.

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AoE Ranking is a measure of ranking points for other players, the higher the Empire Rank, the greater your position, confirming your rank on the leaderboard. Each match won the player will get 3 points, similarly, losing will deduct 1 point. Scenario

How can I download the AoE Ranking ?

Step 1: First you need to download and install the software GameTV Plus on your computer to play AOE Ranking.
– Download GameTV Plus Latest version here.
=> Reference how to install GameTV Plus to play Empire Online here.

Step 2: Log in to your GameTV Plus account, if you don’t have one, please Register for a GameTV Plus account by pressing Sign Up for an Account right on the main interface of the software.

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Step 3: After successful login, please click War Game as the image below of Taimienphi.

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Step 4: Next choose Age Of Empires, game mode Random, Palace R … choose a room to play AOE Ranking.

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Step 5: Finally set the Empire game path, click Game Path and find the folder containing the file EMPIRESX.EXE yours and then press Save (If you don’t have the game, download it from the link below.
– Download the Empire Ranking version here: Download AOE Ranking

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Step 6: Done setup Start the Empire on GameTV Plus, perform game operations as usual.

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And note in the section Scenario Settings you need to tick Ranking Mode, otherwise your match will not be scored.

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In the process of playing Empire, you encounter an error Could not initialize graphics system incompatible with the system or graphics, how to fix it fix Could not initialize graphics system AOE very simple, you just need to do a few small steps to make sure they never appear again.

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