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Halo: Combat Evolved or Halo 1 is the first in the popular action RPG series Halo. Players will join the elite army to fight and protect the earth from alien invaders.

Halo: Combat Evolved Not a very difficult role-playing game, but for new players or those who are new to this type of combat role-playing genre, a little trick will help you confidently experience the game with your friends. That is why introduces you to some special cheat codes to Halo: Combat Evolved on the computer.

Cheat code game Halo: Combat Evolved Very diverse, can speed up the game or assist you to destroy the enemy … making completing quests and advancing is no longer a challenge! Note that the cheat codes below are only supported for the version Halo: Combat Evolved for PCYou cannot activate cheat on other Halo versions like Halo Wars 2, Halo: Spartan Strike good Halo: Spartan Assault

Play the game Halo 1 on PC

To use cheats in Halo, you first need to launch the game with the following command line parameters:

-console -devmode

Then, you need to type the content below to cheat Halo, otherwise the cheat code will be ineffective. Occasionally you may get errors with different command lines, so try again to make sure the cheat code was entered correctly or used at the right time.

Destroy enemies as soon as they see you
Cheat code: cheat_medusa <0 or 1>

Set game speed
Cheat code: game_speed <0-20>

Delete the Console window
Cheat code: cls

Load unlimited ammunition or prevent human weapons, plasma weapons from overheat
Cheat code: cheat_bottomless_clip <0 or 1>

Unlimited bullets
Cheat code: cheat_infinite_ammo <0 or 1>

Cheat code: cheat_super_jump <0 or 1>

Own character approach
Cheat code: cheat_bump_possession <0 or 1>

Cheat code: cheat_deathless_player <0 or 1>

Instructions to hack the game Halo Combat Envolved

Giving birth to a hump
Cheat code: cheat_spawn_warthog

Creates all kinds of power-ups
Cheat code: cheat_all_powerups

Create all kinds of vehicles
Cheat code: cheat_all_vehicles

Create all kinds of weapons
Cheat code: cheat_all_weapons

Brings the player to the current rotation angle
Cheat code: cheat_teleport_to_camera

Save current camera position
Cheat code: debug_camera_save

Move to the saved camera location, away from the player
Cheat code: debug_camera_load

List of player names and number on the server
Cheat code: sv_players

Block identified players on the server
Cheat code: sv_ban

Player type determined on the server
Cheat code: sv_kick

Send the message as ** SERVER ** User Name
Cheat code: sv_say

Note: when sending messages, use the underline symbol (_) at the message position.

Quit game
Cheat code: quit

Above are some of the common cheat codes in game Halo: Combat Evolved for computers, help you increase strength, upgrade weapons and ammunition … and win each mission in the game. Wish you game play Halo 1 happy!

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