How to enable / disable hardware acceleration in Discord

While playing a game, the slow frame rate is what disappoints many gamers, especially when using it Discord. If that’s the case, you can enable hardware acceleration in Discord.

Note, hardware acceleration can cause more problems for your PC if your graphics card doesn’t meet the minimum gaming requirements on your computer. In this case, please disable it.

Whether you want to enable or disable hardware acceleration in Discord, both processes are very easy to do. You can only do this in the Discord desktop app on Windows or Mac.

To get started, open the app Discord on a Win 10 or Mac PC and sign in. Then, click the icon Settings (gear) next to the username in the lower left corner.

Discord's Settings Menu

In the Discord Settings menu, select Appearance menu on the left. You can find it listed in the directory App Settings.

Interface options for Discord

In the menu Appearance, you can change display settings, including Discord background image, message layout and accessibility options.

In section Advanced, click the side slide button Hardware Acceleration to turn it on or off. When the button turns green with a tick icon. That means the hardware acceleration setting is enabled.

Turn on hardware acceleration in Discord

To turn off Hardware acceleration in Discord, make sure to switch the slider to the off position. At this point, it will be gray with a sign icon x.

Turn off hardware acceleration for Discord

Changing settings to enable or disable hardware acceleration will need to restart the Discord client. In the window Change Hardware Acceleration, click Okay to confirm and restart this client.

Hardware acceleration changes for Discord

After reboot, install Hardware acceleration for Discord will work. You can enable or disable this setting at any time by repeating the steps above.

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