Synthesize the best game support software

If in the past, the game was merely entering the game, exploring the game modes or doing tasks in the game, or plowing, items … in the stage of the undeveloped world game village, then Players do not have the needs like LiveStream, compare configurations with software measuring metrics, video game recording and posting. Youtube… when the world game village has developed strongly at the present time.

Therefore, series game support software was born, plays a role as an assistant, a powerful gamer for your needs besides playing games, if you do not know the support role of these software, please follow the article below. Here you go.

Synthesize the best game support software

1. GameSave Manager (Support save file)

Gamer Support

GameSave Manager

Lost Save gamehorror story of gamers when playing game genres Offline. It took a lot of work to plow the task in the game and then one fine day, back in the game without seeing words tiếp tục or in Save game There is no file to save the game played before.

Really this feeling of loss is enormous, especially when you play games that are difficult to complete a difficult task like in the series. Dark Soul, especially Dark Soul 3. Currently there are a number of games using cloud storage services to save games, but if there is a transmission problem, gamers will “eat enough”.

Now GameSave Manager will be your lifesaver, this tool will help you easily store, restore and convert your save game files.

2. MSI Afterburner (Software support for Graphics Card)

Gamer Support

MSI Afterburner

Hearing the name, you already know the “role” of MSI Afterburner in the game support for gamers, right, this is a tool to monitor the stats and overclocking for the Graphics Card. Even without overclocking MSI Afterburner still attractive to many gamers with terrible gear.

The reason is because MSI Afterburner Allows gamers to control the fan speed of the graphics card, helping to lower the CPU card temperature when facing high spec games. In addition, this software also supports gamers to take screenshots, even record gameplay videos.

3. FRAPS (Supports screen capture and recording)

Gamer Support


This is a fairly familiar software for many gamers who have the habit of recording video games and posting them on Youtube. There was a time when a lot of video games were posted Youtube are displayed FPS index familiar of FRAPS in the corner of the screen. But FRAPS Its main task is to assist users in capturing screenshots and recording videos on the computer.

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With a simple interface compared to other software with the same function, you can capture video and screenshot with very high quality. This is also a minus point FRAPS When compared with other screen recording support software. With an extremely good quality of recorded video, the screen recording video capacity is quite high but has a relatively short duration and for most gamers, sometimes the quality is too high not necessary.

4. KeyTweak (Change keyboard shortcuts in the game)

Gamer Support


Keytweak is a tool that allows users to adjust all buttons on the keyboard with easy manipulation. Most games today allow users to customize the shortcuts when playing, but some special games do not let gamers “arbitrarily” customize their shortcuts in the game. Typically the game series FIFA.

In the last few years of release and upgrade, the PC version of FIFA game does not allow gamers to customize in-game shortcuts, “more serious” when FIFA 16 also forcing players to lock certain key clusters. That’s why KeyTweak is a great solution for FIFA gamers at the moment. You can switch the functions of the keys together easily with KeyTweak.

5.FLux (Color Correction, Eye Protection)

Gamer Support

F.Lux F.Lux for macOS

We have many software to improve performance, support for screen video recording, in-game controls above. And now let’s go to the health improvement software in this chart. F.Lux has the function of adjusting the brightness and color of the screen, very suitable when operating in low light conditions.

When using F.Lux, the screen color will change when you play games and may not be familiar at first, but symptoms such as eye pain, eye strain, headache will be overcome after you turn off the computer.

6. NVIDIA GeForce Experience (Improved performance, automatic graphics driver update)

Gamer Support

NVIDIA GeForce Experience

This is also a fairly familiar software for those using NVIDIA Geforce Graphics Cards, NVIDIA GeForce Experience maximizes in-game graphics optimization, enhancing the performance of the GeForce Graphics Card installed on the system. Download and install the latest driver’s version Graphics card on the computer.

PC that has weak configuration then GeForce Experience is suitable software to balance the graphics effect and the performance of the machine, in addition GeForce Experience It also integrates with high quality screenshot capture, video recording and livestream feature.

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7. XSplit Gamecaster (Professional livestream support)

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XSplit Gamecaster

XSplit Gamecaster will be the software that will help those who want to “start a business” become Streamer, YouTuber. With the main feature is to livestream or record your videos in a professional, convenient and fastest way possible.

Designed and operated in a very simple way, not taking up too much RAM capacity and greatly affects game performance, so XSplit Gamecaster is popular with many Streamer and Youtuber. You just need to play the game and XSplit Gamcaster will choose the settings to suit the configuration of the machine as well as Internet connection.

8. HWMonitor (Hardware voltage, temperature control)

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“Trained” with the furnace CPUID with CPU-Z, HWMonitor allows users to easily monitor the temperature and operating status of the hardware system, specifically HWMonitor will let you know the temperature, voltage and load level of the hardware in your computer.

This is really a very useful tool for monitoring the built-in temperature sensors CPU, Mainboard, Graphics Card as well as storage devices such as hard drives … Compatible with hardware sensors, especially in some components such as motherboard and electromagnetic network monitoring technology Abit, Gigabyte …

9. Recuva (Professional Data Recovery)



At the beginning of the article, I have outlined the application Gamesave Manager with save game file manager and upload save file to cloud storage system, prevent loss of save file after plowing game is long gone That is how to prevent the loss of save game files for many different reasons.

What about if you lose the save file ?, at this time you will have to ask the help of recuvaThis software was developed by the company Piriform, the father of CcleanerWhile Recuva is not exclusively for game data recovery support, the app’s ability to recover lost files is pretty good even after you’ve thrown all files from the recycle bin. Recycle Bin.

10. Razer Cortex (Improve frames, install drivers, defragment game files …)


Razer Cortex

Razer makes hardware for gamers, and now it’s the software’s turn. Although it is a new product but Razer Cortex Not inferior to hardware with great strengths to help support and increase computer performance when playing games. Offers a wide range of tools to control your gaming experience from buying games, speeding up your PC, recording and sharing your gaming achievements with friends, and even backing up your games to the cloud.

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But most notable is the feature BoosterThis is a feature that will turn off unnecessary software or tasks while playing a game for a smoother frame rate. With Razer Cortex that is Razer Game Booster It is a performance enhancement tool by customizing the system, shutting down unnecessary applications, cleaning RAM to play games with the smoothest frames.

11. OBS Studio (Multi-platform Livestream)

OBS Studio

Before OBS Studio name is, has a name which is OBS Multiplatform, is a direct and effective video recording and streaming software. This is a completely rewritten version of Open Broadcaster Software (OBS Classic), with the primary goal of cross-platform support, a thorough feature set and a much stronger API. Show OBS Studio available for Mac, Windows, Linux.

With OBS Studio, you can capture and mix video and audio in real time with high performance, with unlimited footage. Filters for video sources such as masks, colors … Intuitive audio mixing engine with noise removal function, powerful and easy-to-use configuration options …

12. TeamSpeak (Chat while playing game)


Gaming will be much more fun if you experience it with your friends. And TeamSpeak is one game support software helps you connect with friends online easily. The options this software offers are quite impressive, allowing you to fine-tune audio levels, reduce echo, even use encryption for added security. TeamSpeak is free for non-commercial users.

13. MSI Afterburner (Optimized for gaming)

MSI Afterburner

MSI Afterburner was originally developed to overclock its graphics cards, but later the software was extended to both Nvidia and AMD cards to push the hardware to the maximum. If you want your gaming PC graphics card to be maximized, it’s essential to use optimization software like MSI Afterburner.

MSI Afterburner unlocks the GPU’s latent capabilities, allowing you to improve its overall performance. RAM and overclocking speed are also two areas “shine” most of MSI Afterburner. However, keep in mind, using the maximum settings of the above two factors can cause the computer to overheat. So make sure you have a good PC cooling system before you start training the best gaming GPU.

Currently, version 22.0.2 of OBS Studio has been updated with many options, new features and many important bug fixes for users.

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