Top 5 strongest generals League of Legends version 10.18

Darius is on top lane, Elise jungler, Lord Zed mid

Updated version 10.18 of the League of Legends has been updated on the server Vietnam, Riot has brought a few tweaks to champions and bug fixes.

League of Legends 10.18

Every version LOL updated The new all bring something different, allowing different champions to shine. There may not be any flashy new champions added in this update, but with that World Championship Coming close, that’s probably for the best.

However, many casual players will find ways to use the game‘s strongest champions to gain an advantage over opponents. This is used by the majority of players helping them win more in ranked matches. Today Funny game will bring you the top 5 strongest generals League of Legends version 10.18!

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1. Top lane – Darius

Darius has always been a very strong figure in the top lane

General Noxus Back in League of Legends version 10.18 And this powerful top laner will continue to swing his deadly ax, taking down anyone who dares to get in his way. The balance of damage and resistance gameplay makes him one of the most stable cards in the top lane, especially in late-game fights, where he can use his volatility to dive after the enemy team then use it move E to capture key positions and destroy them with your ultimate Noxus guillotine.

That’s why this strong top laner currently has a win rate 50.67% and ban rate 39.55% in Korean server.

2. Going to the forest – Elise

The spider queen was still lurking in the woods

Spider-type monsters are no stranger to the dark depths of the jungle, so it should come as no surprise. Elise once again raging and taking the top spot. Elise Not only great in 1 vs 1 fightingShe can also exert a great deal of influence over important locations on the map. If you have the style of fast-paced play like Snowball, then Elise is always a great choice.

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Even though she lacks wide control skills, her ability to capture single targets is excellent. Simply roll out skill E Her, stun an enemy and use her Spiderlings to put damage on your enemies. Elise currently has the highest jungle bans, so try to prioritize this champion whenever you can.

3. Mid – Zed

The dark lord is so powerful that he can wipe out his enemies in a split second

Dark Lord Zed

Zed Was back in the mid lane again. dark Lord can easily catch an opponent with his clone, allowing him to join in and escape from fights. Having an excellent mid laner sneaking into the opponent’s backline and destroying cards is crucial, especially in late-game teamfights.

Zed Rated as one of the most mobile assassins for mid lane. Institute accelerated skill launch Living Shadow in version 10.14 also increases the strength for Zed. With so many options for mid lane position, the choice Zed will be the chest card for you to climb rank in this new version.

4. Support – Lux

Lux Still being a powerful mage in bot lane and win rate 53.90% Help her stay firmly at the top of the leaderboard for lane support. Although this mage might not be a buff support, she also has all the elements for a good support position. Lady of Luminosity is a great option for those who want to actively seek battles.

With good use skill Q will help you and Ad get a lot of kills early in the game, especially when you combine with her E skill. If that wasn’t enough, Lux could buff her teammates virtual armor with magic Prism W well-timed. This skill allows Lux Cover for teammates, the amount of buff virtual armor is quite a lot if you get enough 2 stack. While, Ultimate Gong is an extremely powerful wave of energy to destroy the enemy. If you get tired of constantly healing Ad Or you want a champion that can carry the team but go Sp, then Lux is the best choice for you.

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5. Bottom lane – Caitlyn

Caitlyn excels at taking down enemies from afar.

Base movement speed reduced in though League of Legends 10.17, Caitlyn Still the best choice for those who want to play ADC Ad. In fact, Sheriff of Piltover There is a win rate with 52.03% and selected rate 29.08%. These statistics are not only extremely impressive, but also prove how terrible Caitlyn is in the current game.

Shiftitlyn is one of the safest champions in League of Legends thanks to long-range attacks, allowing her to poke enemies from afar. If that is not enough, Caitlyn’s trap is capable of destroying the enemy greatly thanks to her passive Headshot. This skill gives Caitlyn 50% bonus damage for her next base attack. Because of that, the crit boosters worked so well for her that basic attacks could quickly take down even the most aggressive foes.

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