Compare Free Fire vs Sigma Battle Royale

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When it comes to mobile survival shooting games, we cannot ignore Free Fire. However, recently appeared a new game of the same genre called Sigma, which is considered by many to be “Free Fire Lite”. However, these are two completely different games. If you still have questions, please refer to the Free Fire vs Sigma comparison article below.

Free Fire and Sigma Battle Royale are both big names in the mobile battle royal shooter market. While Garena’s Free Fire has been around for a long time and has been a huge success, Sigma was released recently and is attracting a lot of attention. To better understand these 2 games, let’s Compare Free Fire vs Sigma with

Free fire vs Sigma Battle Royale

Which is the game worth playing for Free Fire and Sigma Battle Royale?

Compare Free Fire and Sigma Battle Royale survival shooter on phones

1. Introducing Free Fire

Free Fire is a shooting game published by Garena. In the game, you and many other players will be dropped on a deserted island and must fight to be the last one to survive. The safe zone will shrink, forcing you to gather equipment and act quickly to take advantage.

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Free fire vs Sigma Battle Royale

2. Introducing Sigma Battle Royale

Due to being a survival shooter, Sigma’s gameplay is somewhat similar to Free Fire where you also need to find equipment and destroy enemies to survive. The later, the faster the rhythm of the game will create, creating suspense and excitement for players.

=> Download link Sigma Battle Royale for Mobile here.

3. Compare Free Fire and Sigma Battle Royale

3.1. Required capacity and configuration

This is the most obvious point when comparing Free Fire vs Sigma. While Sigma requires only 280MB of memory, Free Fire takes up more than 1.5GB. This is an extremely large number that not all devices can meet.

free fire and Sigma Battle Royale are the more active games

Therefore, Sigma Battle Royale will meet the needs of gaming on devices with smaller capacity. In addition, models with less than 2GB of RAM cannot play Free Fire due to the heavy capacity of this game.

3.2. Google Play License

When it was first launched, Sigma quickly dominated Google Play and reached more than 500 thousand downloads. However, not long after that, this game was removed from Google Play due to its uncanny resemblance to Free Fire. In contrast, Garena’s Free Fire as well as Free Fire MAX have reached more than 1 billion downloads on the Google Play Store and are still regularly updated.

Compare free fire and Sigma Battle Royale which is the better game

3.3. Graphics quality

If you’ve played both games, you may have noticed that Sigma has more cartoon-oriented graphics. Not only that, the animations and manipulations of the characters are also unrealistic and cause players to ask many questions.

free fire vs sigma

On the contrary, Free Fire, although not invested too much in graphics, still has a difference compared to Sigma. On the Free Fire MAX version, the image quality and character movements are carefully invested, completely outstripping the game of Studio Arm Private Limited.
Thus, Taimienphi has compared with you Free Fire vs Sigma. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask them in the comment section below the article.

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