What’s HOT in the Wild Rift League 2.0 Update?

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The Wild Rift League Update 2.0, the first Wild Rift update of 2021 has finally officially arrived, bringing with it a series of changes and new characters. For details Wild Rift Alliance What’s HOT in 2.0, readers should refer to the following article of Taimienphi.vn.

Updates Wild Rift 2.0 will officially “land” on the server today for global players. Accordingly, the latest game update has added the appearance of a series of new generals including Corki, Lulu, Teemo, Kennen and Tristana. At the same time, generals Zed, Yi and Wookong are nerfed.

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Wild Rift Alliance update details 2.0

What’s HOT in the Wild Rift League 2.0 Update?

In addition to the appearance of new champions, the Wild Rift 2.0 update also adds features such as social sharing and a delay indicator.

Here are the details of the League of Wild Rift 2.0 release notes:

1. New Wild Rift Champion

With update 2.0, Riot Games added a list of new Wild Rift champions, including:

– Corki

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– Kennen

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– Tristana

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– Lulu

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– Teemo

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2. New feature

– Party Finder (find a party)
This new feature allows players to easily find allies that can combine well with them. The party owner can open the lobby for players by clicking on the option located in the top right corner of the lobby screen. Players can search for open lobbies to join by navigating to the bottom left corner of the screen. Open lounges will be classified differently.

In addition, the new Party Finder feature also automatically suggests players a number of lobbies to join.

– Delay indicator
The latency indicator was removed, instead, the Wild Rift creator replaced it with a network indicator to show the network connection the player is using (Wifi or 4G, …) along with the actual latency indicator that the player is using. players will go through in the matches.

– Social sharing option
Along with that, the Wild Rift 2.0 update also has an option that allows players to share their personal achievements, season rankings, winning streaks, new champions, new skins and leaderboard screens to Facebook. or save to photo gallery.

– Description of the map
Players can now explore the details of the Wild Rift map.

– Optimized the game guide
Players will receive instructions and suggestions based on their gameplay to improve gaming performance.

– General fluent expression
Players will receive a champion mastery expression when they reach Mastery Level 5 with that champion.

3. New Wild Rift Skin

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In addition to the list of generals, the Wild Rift 2.0 update also has the appearance of a series of new skins and costumes:

– Sad Robot Amumu (Melancholy Amumu Robot)

– Urfrider Corki (Corki Riding Urf)

– Arcade Corki (Corki Emulator)

– Star Guardian Janna (Star Guardian Janna)

– Star Guardian Jinx (Star Guardian Jinx)

– Arctic Ops Kennen (Arctic Kennen)

– Star Guardian Lulu (Star Guardian Lulu)

– Dragon Trainer Lulu (Dragon Trainer Lulu)

– Star Guardian Lux (Star Guardian Lux)

– Cottontail Teemo (Easter Rabbit Teemo)

– Guerilla Tristana (Guerilla Tristana)

– Arclight Varus (Arc Varus)

– Little Devil Teemo (Teemo Little Devil)

– Little Demon Tristana (Little Demon Tristana)

– Wicked Lulu (Evil Lulu)

– Super Kennen (Super Kennen)

– Star Guardian Ezreal (Star Guardian Ezreal)

4. Free rotation champions Tướng

– 7/1 to 13/1: Barum, Camille, Fizz, Graves, Jhin, Malphite, Orianna, Shyvana, Sona and Varus.
– January 14 to January 20: Akali, Alistar, Dr. Mundo, Drave, Jarvan IV, Miss Fortune, Soraka, Tryndamere, Xin Zhao and Zed.

5. Game system

– Signal response
Players can respond to their allies with the signal response feature.

– Dragon/Baron respawn timer
The Dragon/Baron respawn timer will now show up on the scoreboard.

– Scoreboard logic
The opponent’s information on the scoreboard is only updated after the player has seen the enemy.

– New expression ring
To open a new emote ring, players just need to press and hold on their champion.

– System message interface
System messages no longer cover the player’s champion.

– Detailed stats
Players can see details of key stats such as how much damage magic resistance equipment reduces (by percentage), the conversion from skill cooldown to cooldown reduction.

– The turret’s priority target
Turrets will prioritize super minions.

– Season one
The first Wild Rift season begins on January 8, 2021. Players participating in the first season (season 0) will receive some rewards and valuable items after the season ends.

– Event
New event called Yordle Expedition (Yordle Expedition) along with the appearance of 5 new champions.

6. More features in Wild Rift 2.0

Some other notable features in Wild Rift 2.0 update include:

– Leaderboard updates continuously from 10 – 15 minutes / time instead of 24 hours / time as before.
– Improved chat feature and friend list filter.

Link to download the latest Wild Rift League:

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=> Link Download Wild Rift League for iOS
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Above, Taimienphi.vn has just reviewed for you some new points, new features in the update of League of Legends Wild Rift 2.0. Don’t forget the latest game update is officially available on the server for global players.

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