Should I update Wild Rift League, update LMTC?

At the beginning of the new year, the game MOBA Wild Rift Alliance has released an update with a huge capacity, if you do not like it, you can enter the game without updating. So should I update Wild Rift League, update LMTC or not? Let’s find out with Taimienphi through the following article.

Thus, we have just discovered the difference between Wild Rift Alliance and League of Legends, is that gamers do not need to update LMTC but can still experience it normally. But whether users of the old version can fully explore the new features, errors appear when playing … or not.

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Can you connect to the link to update lmtc or not?

Update Wild Rift Alliance

Benefits of updating Wild Rift League to the new version

– Updated League of Legends to the latest version
– Experience new features, new content, new champions….
– Can participate in many attractive events from NPH each LMTC gas has a new version
– Improve system interface more intuitive, help users interact easily
– Fix some errors that players often encounter
– Smoother and lag-free experience
– Optimize anti-hacking and cheating system

Do not update LMTC to the new version, is it okay?

As Taimienphi reported, you may not be able to upgrade Wild Rift League to the new version, but this makes you limited, unable to access some new features, changes and new additions of NPH. Sometimes during the experience, there will be an error message updating the new version of Wild Rift League
– Can’t experience new features.
– No new champions appear, free champions in the old version
– Can’t join the latest event, give free generals, free champion skins…
– There may be many errors during the experience when not updating LMTC
– Sudden game crashes, game crashes or lags

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How to update Wild Rift League to the new version

Through some of the information above, surely readers also know what we should do if a notification appears asking to update Wild Rift League to a new version, although the update size is relatively heavy, this provides give you a much better experience.

Step 1: At the update request screen, select Start Update.

Do you have a link to connect to your phone or not?

Step 2: Choose Update at the next interface.

Do you need to update the link of the union?

Step 3: After updating Wild Rift Alliance successfully, select Open.

I need to connect to the top of the network

Step 4: At the start interface, the system auto-replenish missing resources of the LMTC update. When done, log in to your account and play the game as usual.

do you need to update lmtc?

The interface for leveling up the free Wild Rift Alliance has also been changed, beautiful and more attractive than the old version.

Can you connect to the link to update lmtc or not?
Although updating Wild Rift, updating LMTC will be quite resource-intensive on the device, but this is absolutely necessary, they not only improve the image but also bring a lot of other benefits. If your phone does not have a lot of space, please switch to playing LMTC on your computer.

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