Review Monster Hunter: World – Super product not to be missed about endless hunting trips

Monster Hunter: World, the game that was expected to become a masterpiece even before it was officially released, has completely satisfied anyone who has placed expectations on it. 9.5/10; 4.5/5… those are the scores you can see on any Monster Hunter: World review site one day after the game’s release. Simply put, the new masterpiece in the classic series of Capcom Definitely the best game so far of 2018.” class=”lazy bbCodeImage LbImage” alt='[​IMG]’/>

Monster Hunter: World has a very simple core value, which is hunting. You are a hunter, the world around you is filled with horrible and scary monsters. Your job is to kill them, collect materials from them to create more terrible equipment, so that you can continue to hunt even stronger monsters. Not complicated, not slick, that’s Monster Hunter. But Capcom has achieved great results, building a whole world around that core.


Monster Hunter: World has a total of 14 different weapon types, each of which can make you feel like you’re playing a different game than the one you used before. It can be a familiar sword and shield, or a Bow-Gun that can fire explosive bullets, or more strangely, a Hunting Horn, a giant hammer with the ability to create “buff” tunes. “Character stats…


The monsters themselves also have their own strengths and weaknesses, along with the multitude of materials you can gather from them. That, is a treasure for players, to create the equipment they want. Not only that, players also own cat-like companions (Palico), with different looks and abilities. Finally, once you feel like you’ve fully mastered the game, as you go up to High-Rank, the game will open you up to new monsters, change some of the old ones, and almost double. the amount of equipment you can own, to make “World” strange again.


There is one characteristic of the Monster Hunter series that makes it impossible for it to become more popular (than it has achieved in the past), and that is because of the complexity that previous titles possess. For many people, Monster Hunter is simply too difficult to enjoy. Learning from this point, Capcom has made appropriate tweaks to World.

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Monster Hunter: World still retains its core values. The menu system is still rich to the point of complexity, the combat system is still difficult and requires players to use observation rather than hands and feet. You will still have to learn and “remember” everything, from the recipe for making a health potion, or the intricate and complex combos.


What’s changed is, the way they’re presented. Things will become easier to understand, crafting simpler, and gathering materials much more efficient than before. Of course, not everything has been changed completely, there are things about Monster Hunter: World that still make you “ruffle your head” without understanding how. Obviously, the game has become easier for newcomers (a bit), but at the same time retains the complexity that once captivated veteran gamers.

Plot is not something that was mentioned much in previous games in the series, and so is Monster Hunter: World. All you need to know is that you’ve just landed on a new continent. What about next? Let’s start the endless hunting trips.


Many people will wonder, does repeating such an action make the game boring? Please no. Unless you don’t like the game from the first minute, if not, World’s hunting trips will never become boring. There will always be new things for you to discover, new recipes for you to craft, even a whole new system that will suddenly be thrown in your face after more than 50 hours of “hunting”.

Capcom has built a perfect “hunting” system. For example, like finding a target for a hunting trip. In previous games, all you had to do was “walk through” the areas and hope your prey showed up. With World, the Scoutflies system is really a great alternative. First, you need to determine the prey’s lair in a certain area. After that, you need to collect the traces left behind, for example footprints or splashes (!!!!). When you collect enough, a guidance system (smell) will appear and direct you straight to your prey. Much more interesting, right?


Not stopping there, World’s system also gives you more than a trace of your prey. Or rather, the more traces you find, the more you will understand about that prey. The first time you “meet”, your Hunter’s Note will show the most basic description of the beast. Next time, more information will be gradually added. You will know what its weak points are, or where to hit to earn more “extra rewards”… Somehow, hunting suddenly becomes a lot more interesting thanks to the information you collect. collect.


Another big change, obviously, is the fact that Monster Hunter is being “transported” from handheld devices to consoles (and PCs, in August) with more powerful hardware where the graphics can keep up. be with design. Capcom’s artists can now unleash their skills to create ancient forests or deserts with distinctive ecology, vivid and detailed giant monsters. All, making gamers can be silent to see the scene presented before their eyes, before once again burying their heads in hunting trips.


Last, but not least, or even most important of all, are monsters. Monster Hunter is a series about monster hunting, and World has taken the game’s giant beasts to a whole new level. Now you will feel that your prey is really living in their world. Animals living in the same area will react differently, to you and to other animals. Watch them, and you’ll quickly figure out which ones are a real threat and which aren’t. For example, the Great Jagras will only scream at you to drive you away if you “accidentally” intrude into its burrow. In contrast, the giant fire-breathing Anjanath would never be so “polite”. Stepping into its sight, and waiting for you, is obviously an inevitable battle.


Monster Hunter: World also supports Multiplayer mode so that players can enjoy the hunt together. As for this part, Capcom seems to have done a bad job of forcing all players to watch all the cutscenes before they can start a campaign. This will sometimes cause discomfort during the experience of gamers. In short, Capcom probably needs more appropriate tweaks to World’s Multiplayer mode in upcoming updates.


Someone said, playing Monster Hunter: World is like watching an animal world show, and that person was not exaggerating. The things that you witness in the forests of this “World”, will make you feel like you are witnessing a real forest. That, of course, won’t slow you down on hunting trips. Or even vice versa, they will make the hunt even more interesting.

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Monster Hunter: World is a masterpiece, veteran gamers of this series have confirmed it. What if you are new? Give it a try, and maybe hours later, you’ll be part of that veteran community, too.

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