What’s HOT in the new League of Legends system of Honor?

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The Honor system has been around for a long time, but the players are not interested in it, and even many people don’t even know the existence of this system. So Riot decided to rework the new, more beautiful Honor system, allowing players to level up like with Champion Master.

This new Honor system has officially appeared in League of Legends 7.12. With this new system, players not only receive compliments, but also receive valuable and attractive rewards, right?

The new Honor system in League of Legends is divided into 3 categories:

Stayed CoolStayed Cool.
Great ShotcallingGreat Shotcalling.
GGGG <3 (GG means Good Game means Good Game!).

Players can plow their Honor level, through your personal page you can track this level, it appears right next to the rank display. To level up, you need to earn a lot of Trust from your teammates, the more you do not violate, the faster the level will increase. If you often make mistakes, the level will drop very quickly, you need to get back.

Honor level

Mechanism of receiving rewards of the new system of Honor

  • All players from level 2 and up will receive a key piece if not denounced.
  • Honors reaching level 3 or higher will have a border in the match screen if honors are received from the previous match. This border only lasts for 1 match.
  • Players will receive this border if they are honored by 2 teammates from the same group or honored by a teammate from the same group.

Please wait for version 7.13 to experience the new Honor system in League of Legends, this system promises to bring an extremely enjoyable experience for players.

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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