Play Together: Useful tips for joining the Game Party

In Play Together, The game area is a very vibrant place with community games up to 30 people per room. The following article will guide you with some tips when playing games in the Game Zone to achieve high rankings.

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Play Together: Useful tips when joining the Game Zone


This mini game requires players to combine moves – jump to overcome the complex path full of obstacles. The biggest point to note when playing this game is to walk, not run, because when you run, you will easily fall down because you can’t handle it in time. In the first stretch, focus on observing and choosing the right time to jump. When passing the second segment, continuously use skillfully the movement keys to reach the finish line.

Dodge the spinning log

In this game, players will have to jump to dodge the spinning log below their feet; At the same time, it is also necessary to pay attention to the log above to avoid collision. The trick when playing this game is to stand close to the rotating pillar of the log, and move continuously according to the log below.

Hot potatoes!

When participating in this game, you and other players will be dropped into a stadium. A bomb will randomly be attached to any player and it is necessary to quickly pass it to another player before it explodes. The trick when playing this game is that if you get hit by a bomb, quickly move to an area where a group of players will have a high chance of passing the bomb to others.

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Great Wall

This is a pretty simple game compared to other mini games. You just need to move on a wall and race with other players to reach the finish line as quickly as possible. The trick when playing this game is to note the colored lanes. Red will speed up, blue will slow you down.

Speed ​​racing

Generals are similar to the Great Wall, but for this game you have to run to the finish line as quickly as possible. This game requires the player’s quick hand to jump at the right time.

Free fall

When participating in this Mini game, players will have to go through the hole to get to the last floor of the tower. Each floor will have only one random hole. Therefore, to quickly overcome this game, you should drag the character’s perspective to a wider field of view, from which to quickly detect the hole and get down.

Have fun playing the game!

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