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Grand Theft Auto is one of the best role-playing games in the World today. Each version of this game is supported to play on many operating systems and there are tips for us to experience better. One of them is the cheat codes, the GTA cheat command.

With the original name of Grand Theft Auto, later, due to more other versions, the company decided to rename this first version of GTA to Grand Theft Auto 1 (or Grand Theft Auto I – Mark a new beginning).

Fraud codes GTA 1 on the computer

HATEMACHINE Increase the values ​​even higher
ITCOULDBEYOU Reaching 999,999,999 points
SUCKMYROCKET Get all weapons, armor and a prison release card for free
ITSGALLUS (or NINEINAROW, SUPER WELL) Unlock entire cities
BUCKFAST (or CALLMENIGEL) Use all weapons (press * to get the weapons needed)
ITSTANTRUM (or 6031769) Immortal code
IAMGARYPENN Turn on vulgar, obscene language
IAMNOTGARYPENN Disables vulgar, obscene language
ENIGMA The police are aliens
PORKCHARSUI Error checking and correction mode
& MACHINE Increases stats by 10 times

Alternatively, when the debug mode is enabled, you can use an additional number shortcut key after:

Key C Current status and character coordinates
Key * All weapons are fully loaded
F12 key Restart level playing
R key Change the screen display mode
Key + Pause frames
Key D Screen capture
Home key Control center, monitored by camera
L key Enlarge the image (top view)
Key K Zoom out the image (top view)
Keys [ Phóng to hình ảnh (chế độ xem dưới mặt đất)
Phím ] Minimize the image (ground view)
Key 8 Camera control upwards (panning camera)
Key 2 Control the camera downwards
Key 4 Control the camera to the left
Key 6 Right-facing camera controls


For screenshots, the image will be in * .TGA (DUMP.TGA) and saved in the GTADOS folder.

GTA I cheat command on PS (Play Station)

WEYHEY Achieved 9,999,990 points

Encrypt 99 networks

TVMAN Access GTA San Andreas part 1 and 2
THESHIT Use all cheat codes
CAPRICE All cities
TURF Similar to Caprice
URGE All cities for parts 1 and 2, except Vice City
BSTARD All cities, bullets never cease and there are 99 lives
GROOVY All weapons
MADEMAN Similar to Groovy
PECKINPAH All weapons, armor and prison cards
BLOWME Activate coordinates
EXCREMENT Multiply 5 times
SKYBABIES Level options
INGLORIOUS Select a level with other expansion options
FECK Liberty City parts 1 and 2
CHUFF No police
EATTHIS Most wanted

Synthesize Grand Theft Auto I cheat codes on GBA game consoles

However, unlike operating systems, if you want to use cheat commands on this console, you need to activate it. regime Cheat Mode before, by pressing the key combination A + B + Start. Another thing that we should also pay attention to, is the cheat command execution on GBA (Game Boy Advance) uses a lot of key combinations, especially the arrow keys (up – down – left – right).

But instead of pressing all of them at the same time, you press quickly, in turn, each button to combine them into a sequence of commands required during game play.

LEFT + RIGHT + UP + DOWN + L + L Get $ 15,000 right away
LEFT + RIGHT + UP + DOWN + A + A Can use all weapons
LEFT + RIGHT + UP + DOWN + A + L Full armor
LEFT + RIGHT + UP + DOWN + B + B 100% health recovery
LEFT + RIGHT + UP + DOWN + A + R Lower wanted level
LEFT + RIGHT + UP + DOWN + R + A Increase the wanted level to higher
LEFT + RIGHT + UP + DOWN + B + R Switch to hostile mode
LEFT + RIGHT + UP + DOWN + R + R Most wanted (maximum)
LEFT + RIGHT + UP + DOWN + L + R + hold START + A Level options

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So the series of cheat codes synthesis in GTA game has ended, hopefully with these codes plus some code input tools, you can play your favorite game simply and easily.

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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