Bunny dance in the Pursuit game

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Bunny jump is an extremely special move technique in shooters. Bunny requires players to have a lot of experience, skills and to be truly a master. But how to dance Bunny in Pursuit? How many bunny jumps are there in Pursuit?

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Let’s talk a little bit about this move because many people may not understand. Different from the normal movements, the default in the game, bunny jump is a way of moving that combines jumping, hovering in different directions. In this way, the player when performing the bunny can move very quickly, with complex trajectories, making it difficult for the opponent to chase or hit while performing this manipulation.

Bunny dance in the Pursuit game

Bunny dance is also known as Bug. Even know, know how to do it, but not everyone can master Bunny, it is a long and hard process. Currently, there are three types of Bug (Bunny) that are still being used most commonly, namely Bunny Toad, Bunny Launcher and Bunny Bug-Lag.

Bunny dance

1. Bunny Toad

With the game of Pursuit in particular, this is the bunny type used and has a lot of effect in two attractive game modes, C4 and Zombie. Bunny Toad is a bug that increases the speed of the character (very beneficial when running away from Zombies and the Master).

Bunny Toad is an indispensable part if it comes to this moving technique. In the C4 game mode, Bunny Toad makes a fake character movement, helping to gently approach and defeat the opponent quickly.

2. Bunny Launcher

Bunny Launcher is a familiar bunny style in the ancient temple map. Because it is more complicated and difficult than Bunny Toad, so Bunny Phong also requires gamers to have higher qualifications and abilities. One small point of note, when playing Zombie mode and being in this character class, players should use Bunny Launcher to surprise attack. In general, Bunny Launcher is not a hack but just a special game technique and trick.

3. Bunny Bug-Lag

Talking about Bunny Bug-Lag, very few people know this kind of bunny, because this is a new term, it is used to define the lag angles and bug angles in different games! However, in terms of difficulty and proficiency rate, this type of bunny is the easiest and anyone can apply it fluently, including new players, just know the position of the lag angle and the bug angle.

Bunny in Pursuit


  • The lag angle is the angle where the Zombie cannot touch the player, on the contrary, the player can still attack and destroy the Zombie.
  • The bug angle is the angle that the player cannot reach, and it takes a couple of husbands to climb there.

4. Pakour

This is another technique to help improve gamers. Although there is a separate practice and play mode, Pakour is an extremely difficult operation (especially at S ++ level). When repeating this technique many times, the player’s character will shoot to a certain height, making the Zombie unreachable.

However, to do this, Pakour must choose a map with a green column (such as: space station, zom battlefield and trainers …).

Above are all the operations Bunny (bug) in the game Pursuit on the computer. Try learning how to combine the keyboard and mouse to try the bunny in Pursuit with your character.

Wish you have happy entertainment!

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