What is the FIFA Online 4 June 2019 update?

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Coming to the first year of FIFA Online 4 launching in Vietnam, to celebrate and mark this special event, the online football game FO4 decided to release the June update with many very attractive events.

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Soccer game FIFA Online 4 updated
New features of the football game FIFA Online 4

New features in FIFA Online 4 (updated)

Winter transfer update

Player transfer market
Transfer market in FO4

The most popular deals of the winter transfer market have been updated in the new version of FIFA Online 4. From loan contracts such as Higuain at Chelsea or Piatek from Genoa to AC Milan … All will be added to the real FO4 and stick to real football as much as possible.

Player details
Adjusted player stats in the new version

Some players’ stats system has also been changed to better match their performance on the field in real life. Specifically, players who perform ineffectively or often are not allowed to play, playing under form will be adjusted to decrease their stats. And vice versa, the player who gets the main kick regularly, has a stable performance, plays well or performs well will be adjusted to increase the stats.

Change player stats system

Another new feature is that in this update, the coaches have been able to select their national team in Tournament mode.

Increase the salary limit of the dream team

Another very interesting change in this version of the online soccer game, is that the dream team salary has been adjusted to increase from 170 to 175. With this change, the coaches There will be many more new options to add and upgrade your dream team.

Dream line-up FIFA Online 4

Player trading features upgraded

Play FIFA Online 4 for a long time and you have hundreds of different player cards without knowing what to do with them. There is no time to “break the card”, sell it, also regret, so what to do? You can simply try them out with the new player trading feature added in this June update.

Unused player transactions in FO4
Unlock player trading feature in FO4 football game

When performing player transactions in FO4, players not only can liquidate the pile of unused cards, but if you are lucky, you can also own many extremely valuable items, bringing many benefits in the game.

It is known that there will be a lot of different player trading options for players to choose from. It is only necessary to fulfill certain conditions which are in place such as:

  • Exchange enough 11 players with stats of 50 or more.
  • Swapping a TC season player with an stats of 95 or above.

Player transactions in FIFA Online 4


These transactions are usually of a fixed term and will be changed frequently. So when you have the opportunity, it’s best not to hesitate but miss the opportunity when you see a good one.

View other players’ information

Having been commented and expected for a long time, so after a launch, viewing other players’ information will definitely be the feature that many coaches most welcome. However, players can only see information about friends, meaning you must be friends, then, through the coach’s name, you can look up everything. information about this coach.

View information FO4 players
New feature of FIFA Online 4

Some of the functions in the information view of others that will probably appeal to others, are:

  • Refer to single-player tactics and team tactics
  • Copy formation and strategy
  • View match history

Features Referee / Audience

New feature of FIFA Online 4
Referee and audience feature in FIFA Online 4

If you are a social person and always want to organize competitions that bring together the community, then this will be a great choice for you. The advantage of this new feature is the friendly interface, easy to use, but still no less detailed, so we can completely rest assured to watch the matches taking place in this FIFA Online 4 sports game.

New season: 18 Premium Live Spring

New season of FIFA Online 4

Every time the old football season ends, it’s time to start a new season. With this update, the 18PL player card system will also be upgraded to suit the more realistic situation.

Specifically, all players in the 18PLA season will be put on the limited list and keep the final stats, and at the same time, the FO4 football game will also stop updating stats through Live Performance. Instead, a new season called 18PLS will launch and replace the old 18PLA season to continue to become a “luxurious” season with a more dominant player’s stats system, At the same time, these indicators will also be changed and upgraded through Live Performance.

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