How to log out and exit the game Coin Master?

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Coin Master is an online mobile game that allows gamers to use their Facebook account to play. Meanwhile, the resources that you currently own will also be saved. However, if someone else holds your phone, chances are they will be “curious” to try Coin Master with your account. This can make you feel uncomfortable. So, in the article below, the Game will guide you how to log out or exit the game on Android or iOS. After this, if you want to continue playing on this device or switch to another device, you just need to log in your Facebook account again.

Step 1: Please open the Facebook app on your phone and proceed to login to the account used to play game Coin Master. From the main interface, click on the icon 3 dashes in the upper right corner. When the menu bar drops down, select the item Setting in section Settings & Privacy.

Select settings

Step 2: Scroll down to find the section Security then choose Application and website

Select the app and the website

Step 3: Here, press Edit in the item Signed in with Facebook

Signed in with Facebook

Step 4: Next, scroll down to find the item Game Master then press Edit

Press edit

Step 5: In section Coin Master details, scroll down to find the item Uninstall application then press Delete, remove.

Click Delete, remove

Step 6: Finally, you just need to press the button Delete, remove green to confirm is done.

Confirm deletion

At this point, you have successfully logged out of your Coin Master game account and can be assured that all resources or constructions will be retained for the next login.

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