Instructions to download and install DDTank on your computer

DDtank 640 - Emergenceingame

DDTank is a coordinate shooter game that is quite similar to famous games such as Gunny or Gunbound. If you want to experience with this game, you can download and install DDTank on your computer right now.

Main features on DDTank:

  • All free.
  • Modern drag and drop action.
  • Chibi manga images are funny, lovely.
  • Participate in boss hunting, overcome the instance to receive valuable rewards.
  • The equipment system is very rich, you can enhance weapons to increase strength.
  • Combining skills to create the most accurate shots.
  • With a lot of beautiful outfits for players to unleash their combinations according to their personality.
  • You can experience DDTank in offline mode, discover unique versions with AI by yourself.

You want to participate in DDTank’s gun battles, download and install DDTank on your computer to experience this new game. would like to guide you how to download and install DDTank on your computer.

DDTank (Gunny Online)

Step 1: Click on the link above to access DDTank, then click Access.


Step 2: Continue to click on the link to access.


Step 3: Come here and then you click DDTank Launcher to start downloading DDTank to your computer.


Step 4: I use Internet Download Manager software, it will appear like this, click Start Download to download to your computer, if not in use, the system will automatically download it on your browser.


Step 5: Once downloaded, the Launcher will have .exe, click on it to run DDTank.


Step 6: Next Launcher will show up, above will display the latest information on Server DDTank, you can go to website, forum …


So you have downloaded and installed DDTank with just a few simple steps, with gentle gameplay style, intelligence and cute Manga-style game image, DDTank is really an attractive shooting web game worth for you. experience. If you want to experience this game on mobile, you can download 2 versions of Garena DDTank Mobile below:

iphone - EmergenceingameDDTank for iOS
android logo - EmergenceingameDDTank for Android

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