Arena of Valor GIFT FREE both server 1080 points Mission Book

LQMB tang diem so su menh 640 - Emergenceingame

From June 6 – June 9, gamers playing Arena of Valor will be able to do Challenges and receive gifts without opening the Mission Book. This is official information confirmed by Garena. Accordingly, the Challenge mission – which is only for players who recharge cards, is now open to those who are playing LQMB “vegetarian”.

LQMB tang diem so su menh 1 - Emergenceingame
Mission Book in LQMB

As you know, Maurya Official Trailer Mobile is a feature like the Royale Pass in PUBG Mobile or similar features in FPS games. Usually, players who top up will be given preference to perform 3 more tasks than players who do not.

If you work hard, players playing this role-playing game will earn around 180 points / weekThis means that with the Mission Book lasting for 6 weeks, each gamer can earn more than 1000 points without any difficulty.

LQMB tang diem so su menh 3 - Emergenceingame
Mission Book always brings valuable rewards

If you get enough of these points, players can not only reach the highest level but also have a chance to get tickets to spin Treasures, Ruby, skin pieces … As noted by many players playing this action game, If you are hard, it only takes about 2.3 days to complete all 18 challenges.

Some rewards in the Lucky Spins of the game:

  • Lu Bo Long Knight.
  • Natalya Unicorn Artist
  • 5 Tickets to spin
  • Sakura effect on recall
  • Background image of Tel’annas Ambassador FEE-X1

LQMB tang diem so su menh 4 - Emergenceingame

Quickly join and perform the task from today to bring yourself the greatest score from this rare Arena of Valor mission score donation event.

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