What is the BG house in the empire? When to build and how to build a BG

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The BG house – the fruit house, the real house made in the field is an important house in the Empire game. If you don’t have a BG house, you won’t be able to go to the next stages as soon as possible

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The BG House was built from Life 1, helping you to store food to work in the mines as well as to store food made in the field starting from Life 2. With its features, the BG House has an important role in asking farmers as well as farmers. up your life. If you don’t have a BG house, you can only make it and store it in the main house (BN) and the BS house in the empire

When to build a house containing fruit, real BG?

– The BG house is built when you have found the mines in Life 1 as well as any other period

– BG house to house real farmers to farm: After going to Life 2, there is a BM market, you build fields (BF)

– During the match, the BF house is built a lot for farmers to make long and stable real life

How to build a BG house?

– The BG house was built right in the early period (stone age)

– Building a BG house requires 120 wood (Except for the Roman army, there are only more than 118 wood)

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