What is the BM house in the empire? When to build and how to build a BM

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The BM market house is an indispensable condition in the game Empire. Not only helps you improve the speed of farmers in developing … but also helps you better support your teammates. Let’s learn more about BM’s house with taimienphi.vn

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Meaning of some other houses in the Empire

* THREE house in the empire
* BS house in empire
* BC house in empire
* BP house in empire
* BG house in empire
* BN’s house in the empire
* BL house in empire
* BE house in the empire
* BY house in empire
* BK house in the empire

The Market House (Market) or has a short BM movie is both a condition for life as well as for upgrading stats for civilian and military units. If you don’t have a BM house, you won’t be able to upgrade to generation 3 from generation 2. For wheeled troops like: Shang, Assyrian … if you don’t upgrade the wheel in the BM house, the movement speed of the farmer will won’t be fast, you can’t have far-wheeled pieces like: Bow R, Single Stripe…

Let's keep bm in de che

Upgrades available in the BM . marketplace

(1) : Upgrading wood cutting : Farmer chopping wood +1 or +2 wood, Archery +1 or +2 ranged units (Depending on number of upgrades)

(2) : Upgrade stone digging: Upgrade all stone digging, with troops with Crane. Digging stones faster, when lifting all, farmers break the hut, break the castle faster, kick the public stone + 2

(3) : Gold mining upgrade: No tax when transferring gold to teammates and digging gold faster

(4) : Upgrade wheel: Farmer moves faster + 30% speed, Has R bow, Single Stripe

(5) : +75 real when farming (Longer farming time, less field fires when you’re not paying attention)

When to build and how to build a BM

When to build a market house BM

– BM’s house is the house with conditions to get to life 3, life 4 in the game empire

– BM House to upgrade technologies for farmers, military units

– BM’s house helps you transfer food to your teammates

Conditions for building BM . market house

– Need 150 wood to build BM

– Coming to life 2 (Bronze Age)

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