What is special about Reyna Valorant’s new character skill?

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Reyna is the first new character to be added to the Valorant shooter after the beta ended. Let’s take a look at the abilities and skills of the new character Reyna Valorant before the game officially launches.

After closing the beta version of his tactical shooting game Valorant, NPH Riot Games did not hesitate to reveal the 11th character that will appear as a female warrior. With the ability to auto-heal, Reyna is sure to change the gameplay of many people.

What is the name of Reyna Valorant?

Skills and Abilities Reyna Valorant

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Reyna Valorant New Character Skill Details

NPH Riot Games released Reyna’s trailer on May 30, 2020, according to the official description, the new character Reyna Valorant is a warrior of Vampire origin capable of sucking up opponents’ life, killing claws. The more, the higher the damage.

Video introducing new character skills Reyna Valorant

1. Dismiss

Using Dismiss, Reyna absorbs a soul orb and becomes invisible for 6 seconds. If usable in her Ultimate state, Reyna becomes invisible for a short time.

2. Leer

Reyna equips and throws an orb of energy in the target direction that causes all enemies within range to become blinded, invisible unless someone else blasts the orb.

3. Devour

This new character skill Reyna Valorant allows her to absorb a soul orb and fully regain HP (heal). In the case of full HP when healing, excess healing energy will be converted to temporary armor, when the armor runs out of health, it will be affected.

4. Empress

In this Ultimate state, Reyna goes insane:
+ Increased firing speed
+ Dramatically reduced cooldown
+ Every time you kill an enemy the ultimate time automatically resets.

This new character Reyna Valorant is perfect for those with a bold, aggressive playstyle, because her skills cannot be used in support or defensive roles, characters like Rage and Cypher will much better for a defensive role.

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