Update Rules of Survival 3/6, launch Return Plan activity

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To ensure fairness, Rules Of Survival has launched the Return Plan activity with the aim of attracting old players back to the battlefield, the invitees also receive rare skins, limited-time weapons … extremely valuable treat.

At 5 am on 3/6/2020, tactical shooter game Rules of Survival Update new content, fix player errors in about 3 hours and maybe more. Warriors can refer to the main content of Update Rules of Survival 3/6 below.

update the rules of survival 3 6 to return to the operation plan

Rules of Survival – Update June 3, 2020

Rules of Survival update maintenance time 3/6

This week Rules of Survival will continue to add a lot of new content, the maintenance time is the same as always, please be careful not to log in to the maintenance time frame below.
– Maintenance time: Starting from 05:00 to 08:00 June 3, 2020
– Note: Maintenance may take longer than expected.

Details of Update Rules of Survival 3/6

1. New Content

– Launch of Return Plan activity
+ Returning old players can get login bonus.
+ Invite old players back to have the opportunity to receive rare Skins, share your veteran recall code.
+ Limited weapon skins are now permanent! Get timed weapon (AKM-Skullflame), complete (Back to Glory) can get this rare weapon skin permanently.
+ (Veteran Exclusive Offer) special, more but the price remains the same. Any qualified player can buy.
– Launched the Mini Phuc Bag
– Released Cambodian version
+ After the full update on June 10, players can experience the Cambodian version.

2. Fix bug

– Fix player lag, stuck in the game.
– Fix the bug where the player list disappears.
– Fix bug where players get stuck when changing the season interface.

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Link to download the latest version of ROS

Since the launch of Rules of Survival, it has received a lot of attention and attention from the gaming community, the game has continuously received many prestigious awards. Interested readers can download and install the ROS game by following the link below.

=> Link to download Rules Of Survival for Windows
ITz2 download pc - Emergenceingame

=> Link to download Rules Of Survival for Android
download now android - Emergenceingame

=> Link to download Rules Of Survival for iPhone
download now ios - Emergenceingame

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