What is PUBG Mobile smoke bomb? When and how should it be used?

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PUBG Mobile is a survival shooting game with the most players today, when playing PUBG Mobile you need to master a lot of the equipment that appears in the game map, taimienphi will guide you how to use it. Smoke bomb, an item that is rarely used, but the effect is extremely large.

Smoke Bomb (Smoke Grenade .)) is a device used by many professional players frequently in the game PUBG Mobile but is not used much by normal players as this is often an overlooked item. Usually, players only prioritize picking up explosive grenades or petrol bombs to deal damage to the opponent.

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What is PUBG Mobile smoke bomb?

If you know how to apply smoke bombs to combat, this is an extremely great item in both attack and defense. Smoke bombs can both help you attack the enemy, and can also help you and your teammates overcome dangerous situations. Here are the uses and advantages of smoke bombs.

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Smoke bombs are easy to find everywhere

There are two throwing modes in PUBG Mobile that apply to all grenades including smoke bombs: Low Toss and High Toss. More simply, Low Toss is a low-range grenade throwing mode, applied to targets near you.

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As for High Toss, which is a long throw mode, the distance can be 3 to 4 times higher than Low Toss, helping the grenade user to attack targets from a distance. Both of these modes can be activated right next to the grenade box on the PUBG Mobile player interface.

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Uses of smoke bombs in PUBG Mobile

1. Make running safer

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Each circle contains unpredictable dangers when there are a series of people ready to defeat you at any time. Sometimes the circle does not give us a favorable position that you are forced to cross the position that the opponent has previously guarded. This is when smoke bombs come into play when you can throw 2 to 3 bombs into the running lane ahead to obscure the opponent’s view to be able to move safely through the danger zone.

2. Limit enemy vision

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Sniper users can knock you down from such a great distance that you can hardly run away. When moving in dangerous areas without cover, use smoke bombs to be able to move more safely and make it impossible for snipers from afar to know where you are.

3. Temporary hiding place

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When you see a teammate being defeated or need to distract the opponent to move or save a teammate, the smoke bomb is extremely effective when the smoke will help cover up the moving teammate and help them survive. . Or you can distract the enemy by throwing smoke bombs in the other direction so that they think you are hiding in the smoke that you intentionally threw.

4. Use for home construction

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Smoke bombs will be very suitable when building houses. With the enemy standing guard and looking out, approaching the house rudely would be very dangerous. Use smoke bombs to cover up places in the house that can see outside like windows, then approach the house and defeat them more easily.

5. Make enemy machine lag

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In fact, this way is quite tricky when if you have a strong enough computer and network configuration to play PUBG Mobile, especially if you play on a PC emulator, this way is also a way that can be used when with a lot of work. When smoke bombs are thrown, low-end machines will have a frame drop when entering the smoke and cause lag, allowing you to defeat them.

Above are the ways to use smoke bombs and their uses. Always own 2 3 smoke bombs so you can easily cope with the situation and become the only survivor and enjoy your chicken dinner. Currently gamers can play PUBG Mobile right on computers, How to play PUBG Mobile on PC It’s very simple, you just need to install the Android emulator to be able to experience the best shooting game on your PC already.

– Link to download PC version: PUBG Mobile
– Link to download Android version: PUBG Mobile for Android
– Link to download iOS version: PUBG Mobile for iPhone

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