Miserable Net shops running on rainy days

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Due to the influence of the highly active tropical convergence band combined with the weakening tropical depression from the storm No. 3 all week this week, in the North and North Central provinces, there has been moderate to heavy rain and very heavy rain. for many areas with widespread flooding. Even heavy rain in the Northern and Central provinces is warned that it is likely to last for many days to come.

This greatly affects the daily life and work of the people here. The net profession is no exception, even more extreme when followed by a whole rig at risk of being submerged in the sea, just a little carelessness is considered as a “fishing rod” that becomes a pile of scrap metal. .

On groups net businessthe net shop owner also shared the stormy situation in his area with a bored mood.

The shop leaks rain, causing the owner net shop This must “wear a raincoat” for the whole set of machines.


The owner of this restaurant was even more miserable when the flood water flooded the whole restaurant, causing all of his assets to be evacuated.


Not only causing property damage, but revenue in these days also somewhat decreased significantly when there were only a few customers all day, both playing time and other services only collected tens of thousands of dong. While on hot days, that number can be more than ten times.


This situation is not uncommon, but almost every year, in every rainy and stormy season, net business households also have to live in a miserable situation like this, even worse.

Pictures of net shops in the rainy season in previous years were updated by Emergenceingame.Com.

It is in the rainy and stormy season, so net shop owners, especially in frequently affected areas, need to prepare psychologically as well as take timely measures to “migrate” in the worst case scenario to Avoid damage.​

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