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The Princess Run Fast Code is a gift that the publisher Vega Game gives to readers and gamers when participating in the Princess Run Fast experience, many boosts, high-level generals, enhanced can help you become stronger. than in the early game.

Participation Princess Run Fast, players must perform the recruitment of famous generals of the Three Kingdoms period, build and arrange the squad, strengthen the character cast to overcome many copies, help you win in the upcoming matches.

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Strategy game on mobile

Code Princess Run Fast

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Instructions to receive the code Princess Run Fast

You just need to do a few simple steps to receive the Code of Princess Run Mau, many events are held regularly by NPH after the official launch of this strategy game product.

Event 1: Download the APP to receive GiftCode.
– Reward: Code of Princess Run Mau worth 200,000 VND.
– Link to join: Event 1.

Event 2: Share trailer to get Code.
– Reward: Gifts will be sent via Email (gmail) to the heroes 2 days before the game release date.
– Link to join: Event 2.

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Along with participating in events on the Fanpage forum, you can also access the Group community to receive the Code of Chua Cong Run Mau. Along with that, you can meet and interact with many gamers, discuss issues related to the game Princess Run Mau.

– Join the Facebook forum to receive the Code of Princess Run Quickly here.
– Join the Group community to receive Code Princess Run Fast here.

How to use Code Princess Run Fast

Step 1: Start the game as usual, at the main interface of the game you click Welfare Fund located on the right side of the screen.

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Step 2: In the table Work of Princess Run Quickly, you proceed to scroll down, select Gift Code and enter the gift code Code Princess Run Quickly in the empty box that appears in the middle of the screen, click Confirm.

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After entering the correct Code, the player will immediately receive the corresponding rewards, each GiftCode has a different reward value. That’s why, get as many Princess Run Codes as you can.

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Therefore, hurry up to participate in events and mini-games to own the valuable Princess Run Code, a lot of high-level generals, strong equipment, inlaid gems are what many gamers need when playing. Thien Ha Ngu Tuyet H5 is an interesting webgame product, Code of Thien Ha Ngu Tuyet H5 The latest is compiled and continuously updated by Taimienphi for readers.

Link download game Princess Run Fast

Mobile strategy game, Princess Run Mau has an extremely attractive combat mechanism, each character Princess Run Mau has completely separate skills and effects, the ability to control, single attack, effective. … very diverse and rich promises many interesting things for you.
– Link to download Android version: Princess Run Fast for Android
– Link to download iOS version: Princess Run Fast for iPhone

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