What is PES 2020 disk needed – PES 2020 LITE is available for free !!

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Full PES 2020 disc is physical disk, costing around 890,000 for a single disc. This is a completely full version, with full of features like previous versions. But nowadays, due to high user demand, the disk volume is quite scarce, most video game stores are out of stock. Knowing that, the publisher Konami has launched a small version called PES 2020 LITE to satisfy gamers around the world.

What is PES Lite 2020?

What are PES 2020 full and PES 2020 LITE discs?

PES 2020 LITE is a version for completely free download on PS4 by the publisher KONAMI gives gamers the experience of special features of PES 2020. Coming to PES 2020 LITE, players can freely use , experience famous contemporary legendary players like David Beckham, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Carlos… in section “myClub” of the game.

In addition, gamers also experience the Featured Players feature in myClub, where there will be players whose skills change based on the performance shown in the latest matches. Furthermore, the PES 2020 LITE version will also include an EDIT mode, making it possible for players to customize teams, players, and stadiums to add their own unique taste to the world of football.

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Similarities and differences between PES 2020 LITE and PES 2020 full disc

Different of Japanese soccer game Lite and full:

Talking about the difference, of course, the free version of PES 2020 LITE will not equal the full PES 2020 disc in some features. But to mention it is not much different, the full version will have a full range of teams from domestic league clubs such as the Premier League, Germany, Italy … to the national team. (You can see the full list at here). The free version is limited to teams, players can only choose the following teams:

Japanese soccer Lite clubs include:

  • FC Barcelona
  • Manchester United
  • FC Bayern München
  • Juventus
  • Arsenal
  • Palmeiras
  • Flamengo
  • São Paulo
  • Corinthians
  • Vasco da Gama
  • Boca Juniors
  • River Plate
  • Colo-Colo

The soccer courts in Japan Lite include:

  • Allianz Arena (FC BAYERN MNCHEN)
  • Allianz Parque (PALMEIRAS)
  • Allianz Stadium

pes 2019 team discs

The second difference is that in the full version, players can fine-tune pre-match parameters such as time, choice of field, player performance, type of ball … Free is not available

disk pes 19 general setting

The third difference is that the full PES 2020 disc will have additional modes “Master League”, this is the game mode in which gamers transform into a coach and control their favorite team to fight in big tournaments.

disk pes 2019 master league

There are also some customizations in the settings, but not significantly.

Similarity between Japanese soccer Lite and Full:

Similarities between the free version and the full PES 2020 disc will include most of the features such as:

  • myClub – is a game mode in PES 2020, in which players will build a player’s online club, by collecting and leveling up the players. Sign contracts with players using SCOUTS and AGENTS. Players use GP as in-game virtual currency or real money to transact in MyClub. Matches take place between players either against the machine. Every match, you will earn GP to buy more players or extend a longer contract with the player you currently have.

pes 2019 disk myClub

  • Pes League – This mode allows players to participate in 3v3 co-op matches and participate in limited time tournaments to achieve the desired title.

pes 19 pes league disks

  • EXHIBITION MATCH – This is a mode that all PES fans know and pay attention to, friendly match mode between person-to-person, person-to-computer … this mode supports multiple players on 1 machine.


  • CO-OP – is a mode of team competition that is no stranger to players. As Konami recommends, the “Co-op” mode allows players to compete with friends or others against millions of other opponents around the world.Play with your own style and you can team up with matchmaking Automatically double or create a clan with your friends to race for rank

disk pes 19 coop

  • EDIT mode – In this Edit mode, players can adjust their jerseys, player’s image, and soccer field to their liking.

disc pes 2019 edit mode

Try PES 2020 Lite now before deciding to buy

As listed above, in general, the PES 2020 LITE version and the PES 2020 Full disk version are not much different. Except for the unremarkable special functions such as the match parameters, there are all teams and Master League mode in the game. But with what the publisher Konami gives gamers the experience and entertainment with friends and family, that is very great.

For the writer, there is no longer a requirement for an almost full free version. If you are intending to hesitate between should buy PES or FIFA Then please buy a disc right away and try to download PES Lite to play first!

Come on! Go to the Playstation store in your PS4 to download, install, and fight your friends. How to download as follows:

Go to Store PSN on PS4 -> Search “PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2020 LITE” -> Download and play!

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