Shocking protection of Nintendo Switch is extremely dangerous!

Buying a Nintendo Switch is not a small amount, making many users interested in protecting the device with many solutions such as: Strengthen the machine to limit the screen break, mounted scratch-resistant case, buy all kinds USB-c extension cable from dock or even Enhance heat dissipation for the Switch with the auxiliary heatsink fan. However, the rare case at nShop to meet the customer too carefully to damage the device is regrettable!

Cleaning the Nintendo Switch

Buying a Nintendo Switch in Vietnam is not as secure as it is in the US

When consulting for the first time about protection solutions for Switches, customers confirmed that their Nintendo Switch was 100% genuine because it was not right to ask someone to bring home from the US. “Made in China” like goods sold in Vietnam (?). Although it is impossible to argue with customers about the origin of goods Nintendo and most electronics companies such as Sony, Samsung, Apple have factories in China. But the fact that the customer thoroughly mentioned the issue thanks to the buying of the device by the home buyer at the large Gamestop store in the US, showing the thoroughness of the customer …

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Up to how to store the Nintendo Switch a bit … too much!

Customers are very willing to spend and most of them buy all the necessary products to protect the device such as Cases, Tempered Stickers, Shockproof Bags, Travel case for Switch machine… However, after only 3 days of use, customers have returned to the shop to ask for more advice on the issue of … dustproof into the heat sink of the Nintendo Switch.

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Switch thermal slot machineThe features of these heat sinks will take a long time to have dust sticking to them, which is unavoidable …

After a while explaining the types of heat dissipation problems, there is a need for ventilation for the best performance. Customers still do not seem satisfied because according to customers’ opinion, the Nintendo Switch has a large thermal slot that is too dusty to enter. Concerned that the dust will be filled inside “extracting machine” out for cleaning “zin” of the machine.

I returned to repair my Nintendo Switch a week later because I was too careful

Unwanted reunion. With only 2 weeks of use, customers brought Nintendo Switch to repair because the device often crashes while playing games. The staff who received the phone in was just … bored! It turns out Nintendo Switch protection solution to prevent dust from entering customers is … sticking the heat sinks, heat dissipation holes of the case.

The cause of the machine hangs continuously while playing is due to the inactivity of the heatsink. The wind is not circulating, but only around and around the hot air source inside the camera body. The customer said that he has limited playing to only 30 minutes and stopped the machine to stay hot, but the frequency of crashes is getting higher and higher, so fear of bringing the device to repair with the repair request … do not remove the device!

Nintendo Switch gas heatsinkThe heat dissipation feature of the Nintendo Switch is air cooling – that is, using a fan that blows directly onto the chip to cool it down. Therefore, the air needs to circulate in order to function properly

Fortunately, this situation is not yet continuous and long so requires “Fix the device but do not disassemble the device” of the guests can do it. Shop staff simply remove … the glue of the radiator slot and check it. After running the game for 1 hour more stable and returned the client with a warning that this protection solution is completely wrong.

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Advice on game protection for you when using Nintendo Switch

Buying a Nintendo Switch game console may be new to use, so many people are a bit concerned about their fineness, but you can rest assured with cases as below is completely normal:

  • The machine has a condition “Warming” (or steam) When playing graphics-heavy games – Due to the high graphics processing, the heat of the Nintendo Switch is completely normal
  • The machine is hot when playing in the Dock – Due to the output of the picture to 1080p on the TV, the processor will be heavier on the small 720p screen of the machine, so it is hotter than normal. If you want more heatsink for Nintendo Switch you can add more for peace of mind, but Nintendo has designed it, the performance of the machine like this will not affect anything.

Clean the Nintendo SwitchClean the machine, carefully but not … too carefully!

  • The machine has dust in the radiator slots – No matter what comes out, it will be dust, this is normal. Nintendo designed a wide heatsink to open the phone, don’t worry about it “Live in the dirt”. Of course, it is only dirty, if it is too dirty, you should bring it to the store and open the device to clean again. Absolutely not do is cover those heat sinks.

And you, have you properly protected your Nintendo Switch? If you are interested in your baby, you should not … protect too much like that to avoid unfortunate damage!

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