ROS updated on July 10, optimizing the Warehouse interface and fixing the error of seeing through walls

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As usual, Rules of Survival – Law of Survival improves the quality of the product experience for players by updating and fixing a lot of content. Stay tuned to the article for details of the 7/10 ROS update.

The survival game Rules of Survival has an updated version on July 10 here. There isn’t really a lot of new content in this update, but let’s see what the game has to offer after this upgrade.

ros update right now 10 7 i love the exchange of flowers and change the visuals

Rules of Survival updated on July 10, 2019

– Download link for Android version: Rules of Survival for Android.
– Download link for iOS version: Rules of Survival for iPhone.
– Link to download PC version: Rules of Survival for PC.


On July 10, 2019, Rules of Survival servers will be under maintenance to update the new version.
– Server maintenance will take place for about 3 hours from 05:00 to 08:00 on 10/07/2019.
– There will be many bug fixes and content updates during maintenance, maintenance time may take longer than expected.
Please be patient as we continue to work on enhancing your Rules of Survival gaming experience.


A) New Content
– GP Arena: After the update, the feature will be Echo Valley Battle. Battle Gatling with higher HP.

B) Optimize the experience
– Optimized the display of the Warehouse interface: After updating, the Warehouse skin after being selected will display the Symbol of Recycle, Regeneration, Improvement, Split, Supreme, after clicking can see the details of the Recreated skin Processing, Replicating, Enhancement, Separation.

C) Fix bug
– Fix bug that cars on the 1st floor can see through the wall to see the 2nd floor.

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