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Super product publisher Red Stone 2Ludic Games just announced the release of the title mobile games new Zombie War Z. Zombie War Z is a tactical role-playing game built in the context of people having to join hands to form powerful warriors to fight the undead and gain survival. The game’s heroic characters come in all shapes and sizes, from robots, to tall tanks, to demon hunters, all depicting a harsh but tough world.

Players who register early will be given a limited edition Zombie legion, rare equipment, and an Arcane Potion when Zombie War Z officially launched globally on Google Play and App Store. Gamers will side with their guildmates to participate in the fierce Zombie World War battlefield. Your guild not only fights with the undead, but also has to confront other guilds to gain control of the territory, producing resources essential for survival. Check out more details about the in-game features below!

  • Form or join a Guild of one of two factions: humans and the undead! Prepare to “roll out” on quests in your Guild!​

  • Complete 200 storylines and solve the mystery of the Zombie Explosion plague!​

  • Collect over 70 Legendary Heroes, Elite Soldiers and Zombie Behemoth characters!​

  • Build and strengthen your Fortress, which will serve as a safe haven to protect you from the undead!​

  • Take on the enemy team on Plunder PvP, wreak havoc and claim resources!​

  • Fight in the Daily Battle, Infinite Prison Tower, Hero War, Guild Raid and countless other quests!​

  • Join the exciting World Raid and Guild World War!​

You can register to play the closed beta of Zombie War Z here.

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