What is Aim Assist PUBG Mobile feature? How it works

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For survival shooters like PUBG Mobile, the automatic Aim Assist feature is essential for new players. So what is Aim Assist, how do they work in PUBG Mobile game? Let’s explore the strengths and weaknesses of this feature with Taimienphi.

To survive in Battle Royale PUBG Mobile or like any other FPS game, you will need to have a good gaming device. For new players, it is extremely difficult to aim properly, to reduce the burden, the PUBG Mobile developers have included the very interesting Aim Assist feature in the game.

How does aim assist pubg mobile work?

Aim Assist Auto Aim Function in PUBG Mobile

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What is Aim Assist PUBG Mobile feature?

Aim Assist feature often appears in many shooting games, they help players after equipping Scorp to aim more accurately, put the gun scope in the right position on the opponent’s body for you to fire instead of aiming. into the head. You can adjust them right after entering the Basic Settings.

how to use aim assist pubg mobile

Does Aim Assist PUBG Mobile really work?

The Aim Assist PUBG Mobile function is really beneficial for new players in the short term, making it easier for them to target the bodies of nearby enemies. While they still have to do most of the other operations, this cuts down on reaction (move) time, as they make it possible for the player to fire instantly when the mouse pointer is aimed at an enemy. When performing the shooting operation, if lucky, the recoil of the gun will make the bullet fly straight into the head (headshot) gently.

how to use aim assist pubg mobile

However, Aim Assist PUBG Mobile only helps in close or medium range combat, at longer range the cursor will react much less. And of course, if your enemy moves too fast, this feature can’t assist you anymore, because the target moves too fast for them to recognize.

In general, abusing Aim Assist PUBG Mobile’s Aim Assist feature will lead to some bad habits that are difficult to change, but undeniably effective. For those who want to improve their skills to become a PRO, it is best to turn off Aim Assist to practice reflexes.

Recently, the developers revealed that in PUBG Mobile version 0.19.0, a new map with the name Fourex will appear, if interested readers can refer to it. about Fourex map in PUBG Mobile here.

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