Do this now if you don’t want your PS4 to have to wipe the game

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PS4 can be considered as the hottest Console system today when owning extremely quality game titles from God of WarMarvel’s Spider-Man.. until The Last of Us Part 2, Days Gone nice Ghost of Tusushima will launch next year. That’s not to mention the discount policy for exclusive games, making gamers “crazy” because of their system. Sony.

However, recently this system has just appeared a flaw that causes many gamers a headache. This vulnerability, according to many player feedbacks, will cause the PS4 to “clinically die”, forcing a reset to the original production state .. which means erasing all data and games installed in the drive. hard.


The cause of this fatal error begins with a special line of characters sent to the user through the Playstation 4’s messaging system. If the user receives and opens this message, the PS4 will immediately report an error in the message system. when the handle and the audio device do not recognize the machine. Restarting the PS4 also did not solve the above situation, only causing the Console to fall into an endless loop of errors. According to many gamers, this message contains characters that the PS4 itself cannot read and only shows a single question mark on the screen. These hidden characters, after being opened, will cause the PS4 to have a serious error, similar to the case with the previous iPhone.


Once this is the case, gamers will have to perform a Factory Reset, that is, return their device to the state it was in when it was first shipped. With that said, this will cause you to erase all your games and data from your device. Some players also offer solutions through the Playstation messaging App on Smartphone. There you install and log in to this App on Android/iOS, then delete messages containing malicious code. Some gamers have done it successfully, but others have responded that their PS4 still has errors.

Therefore, to be safe, what you need to do (in case you have not received the strange message) is to set your message receiving mode Friend Only (Only friends can send messages) or be more aggressive. is to turn off this function in your account. You can go to Account Management on PS4, then navigate to Personal Info/Messages and select Friend Only or No One.


Currently, Sony has not yet officially responded to this issue and therefore does not have a complete solution. So to be safe, you should not read any strange messages sent to your account and perform the above settings immediately.

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