Axie Infinity: Meaning of the icons on Axie’s head

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In Game Axie InfinityWhat does the icon on top of Axie’s head mean? Let’s find out with The meaning of the icons on the head of a pet in Axie Infinity Please!

Meaning of the icon on Axie

In a match in Axie Infinity, state effects can be applied to Axie. Currently the game has dozens of buffs and debuffs. When used properly, it can help you quickly win a PvP match.

If you want to win more matches in the arena of Axie Infinity, read the following guide for status edits and their effect on Axie.

Buffs and Debuffs in Axie Infinity

What is the adjustment of buff or debuff status in Axie Infinity?

Icons or icons on Axie’s head are status messages that are changing their strength in a fight. Buff is a positive effect and debuff is negative. Buffs or debuffs can be applied to the target after you use a card or skill combo. Some state changes can be cumulative. It is represented by the number next to the effect icon.

Understanding all the effects or effects of buffs, debuffs in Axie Infinity can help you make better decisions when fighting or building Axie squads.

List of buff effects in Axie Infinity

Buffs are positive state adjustments that give Axie an advantage. They are always applied to your Axie.

Icon Name of buff Impact
Attack Up Attack Up Increases Axie’s next attack by 20% (can stack).
Morale Up Morale Up Increases Axie’s Morale by 20% for the next round (can stack).
Speed ​​Up Speed ​​Up Increases Axie’s speed by 20% for the next round (can stack).

List of debuff effects in Axie Infinity

Debuffs are negative adjustments to Axie’s detriment. They are usually applied to the enemy’s Axie.

Above is everything you need to know about Axie buffs and debuffs in the game Axie Infinity. Hope the article is useful to you.

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