How to get Free Fire Pets without using Diamonds

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How to get pets without using diamonds in Free Fire? The answer will be revealed by soon. Therefore, if you are looking to own a pet that is not only lovely but also useful in the game but says no to diamonds, then do not ignore this article.

Unlike PUBG Mobile , Free Fire has a smaller map with fewer players per match. The game’s graphics are also simple, so it can run smoothly on low-end devices. This makes the game easily accessible to more players around the world. Free Fire also includes many unique features that make it stand out from the crowd.

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How to get a pet in Free Fire for free

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This survival shooter has a diverse character system, each with their own skills and biographies. Besides choosing a character, you can also choose a pet to stand by your side in the battle. However, pets are not something you can get easily for free. While you can unlock characters with gold in the shop, pets can only be purchased with diamonds. So is there a way to get Free Fire Pets without using Diamonds?

Instructions for getting a Free Fire pet without using diamonds

1. Top-Up Event

Whenever a pet launches in Free Fire, there is always an accompanying Top-up event. So what is a Top-up event? Basically, all you need to do is buy diamonds in Free Fire and you will get the rewards from the event. Note that you don’t have to spend diamonds to get those rewards. In other words, you get them for free.

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Those events only happen for a limited time after a pet is introduced, so you need to act fast and keep an eye on them. You can also follow to update information about the latest events in Free Fire as quickly as possible.

2. Anniversary event

After a few months of a pet’s launch, the demand for it drops dramatically and that’s when Free Fire will put it in another event for everyone to get it for free or for a very low price. Free Fire organizes many in-game events very often, so the chances of getting a free pet are very high.

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For example, the Mechanical Pulp was once a popular pet in Free Fire. But after a few months, it was made available for free during the Diwali Celebration event. All you have to do is join the event, complete some quests and get it.

3. Special Airdrop

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Special Airdrop is a feature in Free Fire that will give players a random super good offer at super low price. While Special Airdrops don’t appear often, here are a few tips so you can get the best deals from Special Airdrops at the lowest prices.

– Clear Free Fire cache and data: Go to Settings > Applications > Free Fire > Clear Data/ Clear Cache.
– Only play Classic mode for 1 month, don’t play Squad, Ranked and you will get more Special Airdrop.
– Don’t buy diamonds and memberships because Free Fire favors those who spend less with this promotion.
As such, events and promotions in Free Fire are opportunities for you to get pets without having to spend diamonds. Those events usually take place for a limited time, so you need to pay attention and hurry to participate before it’s too late, in addition, when owning a pet, you should also think about it. Give your PET a really cool name.

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