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What if PUBG becomes a game… fighting fake battles

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is becoming a very hot name in the world gaming village, pushing players into action sequences that are as tight as strings and most satisfying. But indeed the heat of PUBG not only “hanging around” in the virtual world but also ready to roam into real life with activities strongly inspired by the game.


Airsoft is the first form of entertainment that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds touches, creating authentic and intense battles in a very personal way. Popular YouTubers with Channel specializing in Airsoft also started participating in PUBG-style matches, although there were certain changes to suit the actual battle.


In the matches, instead of each person carrying their own weapon, the gun will be displayed throughout the game screen and the participant must pick it up directly to be able to use it. The circle of death is also informed and controlled by the regent, mainly in terms of the participants’ self-consciousness – which is also the first quality that play Airsoft must have.


Readers can watch the full game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds in real life with the participation of 2 famous Airsoft Youtubers, namely: Novritsch and Silo Entertaiment here:

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