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Even Thanos was also “eaten” by Saitama

In the blockbuster Avengers 3 coming out later this month, as can be seen through the movie’s official trailer, Thanos almost became the main character “bidding” every scene. Moreover his power is no joke when it’s easy for all Avengers Our illustrious “eats onions” tattered. This makes fans extremely worried about the fate of their favorite superhero, will they be defeated miserably at the hands of Thanos? Maybe it’s because he wants to avenge the Avengersrecently, famous youtuber Mightyraccoon! – the account is known for regularly uploading self-designed superhero-themed videos – created a clip of Thanos being attacked, but not by other characters. Avengers.


The first scene that appears in the clip is Captain America’s shield broken in half, the superheroes lying on the ground, covered in blood. Thanos also squeezed Iron Man in his hand and dropped it like a broken toy. He looked at his “infinity gauntlet” full of stones with satisfaction. This scene is probably one of the scariest and most haunting endings for fans of the cinematic universe. Marvel. When all the superheroes died, it was thought that Thanos would become the world ruler, but fortunately another hero appeared. That’s… the bald hero Saitama (One Punch Man).

Famous for his famous punch in the history of both the East and the West, Saitama just needed to make a fist that made heaven and earth fall, the enemy was immediately defeated at his hands. Saitama’s strength and physique has always been compared to all of his famous superheroes DC and Marvel like Batman, Hulk… So when facing one of the strongest villains in history, he also has tremendous strength from his arm when he owns an “infinity gauntlet” like Thanos, who is it? winner. In this video, Saitama also proved his ability when he gave Thanos “a kick to the sky” many times, but Thanos was not so easily defeated. At the end of the video, there are still inconclusive openings between the two strong men. We’ll have to wait for the youtuber Mightyraccoon! After releasing part 2, it is possible to know who is the “last boss”.

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