The next Metro game will have a multiplayer mode

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4A Games looking at multiplayer options for the next Metro game. In a blog post posted on the official website, the studio explains that 4A Games’ partnership with Saber brought in the expertise needed to implement new ideas. The developer also makes a promise that new content will be added in a way that matches the universe of Metro.


4A Games said: “As a small studio, we have never been able to appreciate our ambitions and our ideas have never gone beyond the prototype. But with Saber’s experience in online gaming, we are now actively exploring new ways to experience the world of Metro through multiplayer mode. We know some fans have certain opinions when they hear the term ‘multiplayer’, so we wanted to address the above while also sharing some of the goals and principles behind going for a checkup. break this. First of all, we must say that we know the opinions of our players well. We don’t consider multiplayer a must or something to keep up with today’s trends. As creators, we wanted to explore a multiplayer experience that fits the Metro universe.”

4A Games also promises that the multiplayer mode will not affect the single-player experience (story mode). As a result, the studio will rely on the partnership with Saber to ensure that the multiplayer mode will have a dedicated execution team.


In addition, 4A Games also mentioned a bit about single-player mode of the new game but did not go into specifics. The next game will definitely be developed on a New Engine so that the studio can maximize the potential of the new console.​

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