What else is there but the mud and crap in the final Deadpool 2 trailer?

After the success of part 1, the movie about the super badass mercenary Deadpool is about to bring part 2 to the fans. And every time a new trailer is released, the audience is more and more excited because of his frivolous style. Deadpool remained unchanged, even more muddled.

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“From the studio that killed off ‘Werewolf'”

In the first trailer, Deadpool made people really “speechless” when there was an old man on the street being attacked by robbers, but by the time the mercenary finished wearing his combat suit, the old man was also killed. However, he still “thick-faced” said that he dressed very quickly. In the next trailer, he continued to ask to “pause” the scene for a minute to complain about the lack of special effects and implicitly “kicked” Super Man of Super Man. Justice League about the case of using techniques to remove beards. In this final trailer, of course, he still hasn’t given up on taking out any related characters to make jokes that make viewers really admire his muddledness.


From the very first seconds of the trailer, people realized the funny detail when Deadpool Super villain of Marvel: “Don’t be so discriminating, Thanos”by the actor who played Thanos (Josh Brolin) in the movie Avengers of is also the person who plays the mutant Cable. Upon learning that a mysterious boy is in danger related to Cable, Deadpool decided to form an army to protect the boy.

“Too dark. You’re not from space DC is it?”

Membership recruitment is posted on social networks and anyone who wants to join must come to Deadpool and best friend Weasel interviewed. Members X-Force is fully assembled and the thrilling action scenes are also filled with trailers because it seems that this time the mission has been a lot more difficult for me. Deadpool. In the end, the mercenary of the Marvel family still did not forget to show his cross-universe muddledness, telling Cable that: “Too dark. You’re not from the DC universe are you?”. Through the trailer can be seen, part 2 of the blockbuster Deadpool Not only funny and stupid, but surely also extremely fierce and majestic.


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