Top 7 super powerful weapons in the world of Naruto Ninja

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1. Samehada

Samehada is a pretty famous sword in the ninja world Naruto. This sword, also known as the “Shark Sword”, is the most feared sword in the “Seven Swords of the Mist Village”. Samehada has been used by many powerful characters like Kisame… Samehada is unique for being a sentient weapon, but also being nourished by chakra from others. Due to the ability to perceive, Samehada chooses a host for itself, a very special and rigorous selection process.


2. Kubikiribocho

Also included in the “Seven Swords of the Mist Village”. Kubikiribocho means “carving knife for beheading”, is a large sword, long and sharp, able to cut anything, shaped like a giant butcher knife with a round hole near the tip, a semicircular slit in the blade near the hilt that locks the enemy’s head for control.It has the ability to regenerate when absorbing the enemy’s health even if it is broken or broken.


3. Three Moon Sickle

The 3-blade scythe is Hidan’s weapon, it does not deal great damage, plus it has a slow speed but is very suitable for Hidan’s technique. These scythes will be “activated” every time the opponent’s blood is hit. Although it cannot inflict too deep wounds or perform formidable sealing like other swords, this is still a unique weapon that no one can ignore. Because it is associated with the peculiar and merciless attack ability of its owner, a religious fanatic immortal Hidan.


4. Gunbai (Army)

Gunbai or Gunbai uchiwa is a flat fan, usually made of wood, used by ancient Japanese samurai to communicate with each other. In his day, Madara was famous for using this fan in battle. Obito later wielded this fan and identified himself as the legendary Uchiha. It is a large fan with a tomoe on the surface and a long handle wrapped around the body with a chain attached to the end of the handle. Obito mainly uses his combo as a smash, he uses the chain to move the fan. In addition, he also used it as a shield because of its high stamina, as evidenced by it being able to block Naruto’s Super Small Tailed Beast Ball without being damaged. Madara can use it to unleash a variety of techniques or use it in conjunction with his scythe.


5. Monkey King Bar Enma (Enkouou enma’s Willing Stick)

This wish-fulfilling staff appeared in Naruto when the Marquis of Yama (Enma) helped the Third Hokage by transforming into a vajra wand. The cane has the same shape as the stick Nhu Y of Te Thien Dai Thanh – Ton Ngo Khong. It has the same hardness as the Kusanagi that Oro holds, can change the size at will just like the Nhu Y staff and is extremely handy in battle.


6. Kusanagi no Tsurugi (Sword of the Sword)

This divine sword was originally named Ame-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi, one of Japan’s three sacred treasures. According to legend, this is the famous sword emerging from the tail of the eight-headed snake in legend. This sword has a material harder than diamond, sharper than any metal on Earth, cuts stone like mud. It was used by Orochimaru as a weapon to slaughter both innocent and innocent people. There is no weapon in the world that can compare with the Kusanagi.


7. Raijin no Ken (Thunder God Sword)

The God of Thunder Sword, Senju Tobirama’s old weapon, was also used by Aoi. This sword was stolen by Morino Idate, who was tricked into taking it for Aoi. The sword has the ability to manipulate thunder, and is able to retain the effects of Chidori as it can cut through chakra as if it were water. Aoi can control electricity and paralyze his opponents with this sword, and make sparks in front of him, to protect him from frontal attack.


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