What did Valve do with the $40 million from the Battle Pass TI10?

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The International 10 previously broke the record for the largest tournament prize money in esports history. This achievement can only be achieved through player contributions through the Battle Pass TI10. So where does this money go now?

TI10 was delayed, but it was delayed by 1 year. With the Battle Pass TI bringing in over $100 million in revenue for Valve in recent years, there’s no way the developer should let that money sit idle. The problem is that the TI 2021 Battle Pass may be coming soon, and the $40 million ($922 billion) amount earned in 2020 doesn’t count at all. So what does Valve plan or do with that huge number? Let’s find out where Gaben will spend this money.

Valve has not yet commented on how to use the money from the Battle Pass TI10

Although The International has been considered an important esports event for more than a decade, this tournament has caused quite a bit of controversy. The amount of prize money for this tournament alone is not consistent with the full year schedule.

Most of The International’s prize money goes to only a few top teams, while every other player struggles just to survive. As a result, many esports organizations have decided to withdraw from Dota 2 (except China), young talents are not discovered and even successful players have not found their stable direction for many years.

With problems creeping into Dota 2, things don’t really look better when The International doesn’t take place in 2020. So what should Valve do with that money?

Valve can pour TI10 Battle Pass money into the DPC season

There is a very clear answer on how to deal with the $40 million of the Battle Pass TI10. It should be divided and contributed to Dota 2 tournaments and Majors to create a fairer professional arena, allowing players to have a more stable, uniform income. What Valve needs to do is take $40 million from the TI10 Battle Pass and split it into $8 million each round and Major for the next five seasons.

Throughout Dota 2 history, the only measure of success has been winning The International. Even OG, which had previously won four Majors, remained unsettled until they won The International (and twice in a row).

Today, a Dota 2 team that wins a regional tournament in the Dota Pro Circuit but loses at a Major earns less than the average person in many developed countries. This may not be the case anymore. By redistributing the money from 2020 into the regular season of Dota 2, pro players will make a living from the game.

Valve can pocket $40 million Battle Pass TI10

There are basically three answers to the question “Where will the $40 million from the Battle Pass TI10 go?”. The first and most obvious answer is that Valve will neither pay players nor use it for esports events.

Surely this decision will ruin the professional Dota 2 arena and severely lose the trust of fans for many years. Unfortunately, Valve doesn’t seem to care much about Dota 2 esports, and Dota 2 players also accept almost everything Valve decides, and Gaben prefers to keep the $40 million for himself.

This is unlikely to happen, but if Valve released “Battle Pass Dota 2 2021” instead of “Battle Pass The International 2021”, would players buy it? Surely there will be and Geben certainly understands this.

Valve can combine Battle Pass 2020 and 2021

If Valve can’t take advantage to put more money in their pocket, the simplest way is to combine the Battle Pass 2021 with the $40 million from the TI10 Battle Pass.

The huge prize money of The International is what attracts the media, as well as the public. The International 2020 and $40 million are already big, now imagine $75 million in prize money. People will definitely find it hard to ignore.

As mentioned above, the problems related to bonuses when they only focus on TI are actually quite serious. It’s not cool to double that number, but this is the easiest solution for Valve.

When does TI10 happen?

Currently, The International 10 is scheduled to take place in August 2021 in Stockholm, Sweden. No specific date has been announced. Depending on travel restrictions between countries and safety, this event may continue to be postponed.

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