What attracts players in Martial Spirit PK

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To say something from Martial God PK has attracted such great attention from players, it is difficult to list accurately, because each individual player has a different personality and interest, so what attracts them will also be different from anyone else. . However, the strengths that create the general attraction for Vo Than PK are very noticeable.

Interesting character system
Martial Spirit PK has 4 sects with 4 weapon systems corresponding to Trieu Van – Xiahou Khinh Y – Lu Bo – Dieu Thuyen, these two couples are also 4 legendary characters of the Chinese martial arts in the past. . While the love story of Lu Bo – Dieu Thuyen is too famous, the talented couple Trieu Van – Ha Hau Khinh Y is little known. Therefore, Xiahou Khinh Y was formed into a sect in Martial Spirit PK, which surprised many people but found it interesting.


Massive community feature
The era of “autistic” game products is over, now products are largely evaluated in terms of their ability to connect strong or weak players. In this criterion, it must be said that there are few games of the same type that can surpass Vo Than PK, the national feature is very large with rich PvP-PvE systems and a position system with many hierarchies. Besides, the forms of combat in Teams – Squad – Chien Minh bring great efficiency in exchanging groups of players with each other.

Outside of the national scale, PvP forms are even richer with a series of activities such as Luan Martial Arts, Long Thanh Chien, Boss Lien SV, Chinh Ta Dai Chien, Hoang Thanh Tranh Ba… That number of features promises to create a community system of Vo Than PK with very good cohesion and rapid development.


Rich strengthening system
Each character in addition to the basic features such as Skills, Riding Animals, Than Binh, Long Circuits, Phap Bao, Famous Generals, Strengthening … are further supported by the very own features of Vo Than PK such as Quoc. Monk, Footstep Effect, Magical Beast Treasure, Sacred Treasure, and Flying Fairy. With such a rich amount of features, the player’s character will be greatly supported to increase his fighting ability, and with combat capabilities, will create a flexible and rich PK ability. for each character.

With these potential strengths, it is certainly not easy for real players to pass up the opportunity to experience Vo Than PK, which is also a real opportunity for a product to have a prestigious position like Vo Than. PK shows the inherent charm, the attraction is enough to keep any player.

Join the Vo Than PK community here:
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Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/vtpk.360game.vn/
Martial Spirit PK–Chem Gio Tuu Quan: https://www.facebook.com/groups/vtpk.360game.vn/

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