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When Hero Overwatch plays… PUBG

When PUBG still claiming to be the most played game at the moment because Overwatch – Blizzard’s hit FPS title, still has its own place with a large number of gamers. This is partly thanks to the extremely large Overwatch League with an extremely professional organizational model and attracting a large number of viewers.

Perhaps that is why many fans have dreamed of one day seeing the two worlds merge into one, watching Overwatch and PUBG shake hands with each other.. Now that dream has come true when Korean artists. just made an extremely funny animated short about these 2 super awesome games.


This short clip puts us in the same situation as many other PUBG players when the whole Team can’t get out of hiding because the enemies are too hot while they are still entrenched in the house. Faced with such a situation, what should we do? It’s simple.. It’s summoning Overwatch Heroes with the best skill sets. Enemy hiding behind the wall? It doesn’t matter, as long as Widowmaker activates his ultimate for the whole team to see through all objects. Team members are “down”? It doesn’t matter because Mercy resurrects teammates from the dead.

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