Dragon Ball FighterZ will make gamers see the most painful image in Manga

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To many in, 7 Dragon Balls is the first manga to be held in hand. That is why it imprints on our childhood minds the most painful and unexpected moments of those years. Until now you must still remember vividly the characters who had to sacrifice themselves.. the bloody wars that almost destroyed everything… and the touching moments that easily made anyone cry. eyes when first turning over the dull page.

It is for this reason that Dragon Ball FighterZ – Title fighting games with the ambition to accurately convey the value of 7 Dragon Balls to the virtual world, will let fans witness those painful images again while playing the game.


According to the latest trailer of the game as well as the information announced by the developer, Dragon Ball FighterZ will show gamers the saddest moments of the Manga depending on the battle scene. For example when Goku against Frieza, before the game officially begins the game will automatically replay the image of this dictator blowing Krillin to dust.. marking the first time Monkey can transform into Super Saiyan.

Or like the part where Gohan has to fight Cell alone, the game will recreate the image of Goku’s child with a broken body and only one wing left in the desperate fight against the monster. Expressed in true Manga style, these scenes will let us feel the pain that haunts so many minds when reading the series for the first time.


Simultaneously, Anime characters like Hit or Beerus also appear, expanding the game’s plot to the entire world of 7 Dragon Balls. Gamers can also look forward to the immortal images in the animated series that are recreated in an emotional way when Dragon Ball FighterZ Officially released on January 26 next year.


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